Blogmas #4 (Seoul Picture Dump)

Good afternoon.. or night! depending on where you are on the globe. Yesterday evening Korea was given the news that SHINEE's Jonghyun had passed away and this morning SM put together a memorial for the fans in Seoul. Just a reminder that South Korea isn't all roses and chocolate. As awesome as the culture and … Continue reading Blogmas #4 (Seoul Picture Dump)

Daily Blogmas #3 (Kakao Talk Event and Lotte Mall)

I thank Instagram for keeping me up to date with events, deals and happenings! Thanks to Instagram I was able to make it to the grand opening of a Kakao Friends store in Myeong Dong! The first 100 people were able to get a Happy Bag for 29,000원 (Items inside were worth well over 100,000원!!). … Continue reading Daily Blogmas #3 (Kakao Talk Event and Lotte Mall)