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TEXTURE TUESDAY: I’m From Mugwort Mask

I'm From...Ganghwa Island, South Korea! This wash-off mask was designed to calm irritation while hydrating and nourishing the skin. It is a gel formula that contains natural mugwort sourced directly from Ganghwa island. This mask is supercharged with vitamins and antioxidants from a blend of herbs like Japanese Knot Weed (Polygonum Cuspidatum Root Extract) and… Continue reading TEXTURE TUESDAY: I’m From Mugwort Mask

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Unlike my skincare routine that stays pretty consistent overall, my makeup choices change pretty often so I like to keep you guys updated on what I'm slathering on my face! Based on my statistics this seems to be one of the most (if not THE most) well received topic on the blog. So I'm giving… Continue reading CURRENT EVERYDAY MAKEUP ♥ A/W 2018

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Daily Look: Holly Jolly

FOREVER21 basic turtleneck AEROPOSTALE cable chenille sweater YESSTYLE plaid mini skort FOREVER21 semi-opaque tights SODA GIRLS buckle ankle boots I've been wanting to experiment with outfit posts! I mainly stick to beauty but I actually REALLY like clothes as well. I just don't like writing about it so most likely any fashion related posts will… Continue reading Daily Look: Holly Jolly

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I'M FROM jeju island, korea volcanic mask $35 WHAT IT IS Jeju Island is famous for it's natural wonders and pure, untouched resources. The I'm From Volcanic Mask contains 8.6% pure volcanic rocks sourced directly from Jeju island to purify and clear the skin. The volcanic clay targets impurities in pores and removes excess sebum—leaving the skin… Continue reading I’M FROM JEJU ISLAND VOLCANIC MASK

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From the moment I saw this collection I knew I had to have it! Anything coffee related is right up my alley. I already own the In The Cafe palette but hardly ever use it. Even though everything about it is cute the colors just don't match me well. So when I saw the color… Continue reading ARE YOU A CAFFEINE-HOLIC!?

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I first discovered Jumiso while in Korea last Winter. While browsing through Artbox I snagged a few of their masks due to how cute the packaging was and after trying them out when I got back to the states I instantly regretted not stocking up on them! There were so many good deals going on… Continue reading JUMISO HAVE A GOOD CREAM + YES, I AM TONERㆁᴗㆁ

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I'm sure you've seen the newly released Kaja heart stamp blushers on Sephora. If you didn't already know that was a collaboration with I'MMEME! Before that was released I'MMEME already had their own stamp blushers the differences are in the colors. I really love red lately so I opted for the original stamp blushers but… Continue reading I’MMEME HEART STAMP BLUSHER

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Here are a few items I have been drooling over this month! S T Y L E I wear a child's size in shoes so naturally running into footwear that looks age appropriate and stylish can be hell. I stumbled upon the girls section of ZARA recently and was blown away by how chic and… Continue reading SEPTEMBER WISH LIST