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Daily Blogmas #2 (train ride to seoul + a walk in myeong dong)

So my posts are basically a day later, so this is what I did as of yesterday! Jean's family got us tickets back to Seoul on the bullet train which is really great because it cuts the travel time by more than half! Beforehand Jean's mom took us to get some kimbap for the train… Continue reading Daily Blogmas #2 (train ride to seoul + a walk in myeong dong)

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Daily Blogmas #1 (purikura,foodporn,shopping)

I feel like I've been really slacking on the blog lately, Before I came I even thought about doing vlogs. Yeah, that's not going to happen. It's hard to be in the moment and vlog at the same time, props to YouTubers who can achieve that inner peace. I really want to try to do… Continue reading Daily Blogmas #1 (purikura,foodporn,shopping)

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First Time At A Cat Cafe (Busan,SK)

Before Jean and I began our travel over to South Korea we left our cat (Bori) with one of my co-workers. If you know anything about me, you'll know I freaking love my cat, that is my child!!!! I miss her every day and every night that I'm away. There are actually quite a bit… Continue reading First Time At A Cat Cafe (Busan,SK)

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The First 48 Hours (US to KOREA) ♥

It is currently 4AM and I'm sitting inside a PCbang in the suburb district of Gwangmyeong inside the capital of Seoul. My husband is next to me finishing up some last minute school work while others are doing various things, mainly gaming. It's 4AM and the streets are lit like a Christmas tree, It looks… Continue reading The First 48 Hours (US to KOREA) ♥

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What I’m bringing to Korea (Beauty and Health)

So we will be leaving for South Korea in just a few days so I wanted to share what I will be taking with me on the trip! We will be there for an entire month so packing like a minimalist is just out of the question (for me anyway haha). I did do my… Continue reading What I’m bringing to Korea (Beauty and Health)

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VIB SALE Mini Haul

I've been trying really hard not to make too many purchases recently but I couldn't pass up the VIB sale! These two purchases were during the friends and family sale which was 20% off and had to be given to you by a Sephora employee. The other was during the public VIB sale which was… Continue reading VIB SALE Mini Haul

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Bleach-Damaged Haircare Routine

In 2016 I had a bad run in with a poorly skilled salon that ended up with my hair being overly processed.. repeatedly. Since then "rescuing" my hair has been one heck of a journey. I've tried so many products from drug store to high end and these are the ones that have stayed in… Continue reading Bleach-Damaged Haircare Routine

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My Current Morning Skincare Routine 

My skincare routine (whether it's morning or night) changes from month to month, from number of products to the actual products themselves. I don't think I've ever shared a post like this before so I'm excited to show you how I'm currently maintaining my skin in the mornings. CLEANSER SARANGHAE nourishing & moisturizing cleanser When… Continue reading My Current Morning Skincare Routine 

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My Fall/Winter Fragrance

VIKTOR&ROLF flowerbomb Finding a warm fragrance for the Fall and Winter months has always been a struggle for me. Mainly because I don't normally like warm, spicy or even musky fragrances. I don't remember exactly when I first laid nose to flowerbomb but it was definitely in my early 20s. I've never looked back since!… Continue reading My Fall/Winter Fragrance