Maison Miru ♥ Tiny Crystal Studs (freebie, kinda)

I ran into this deal on none other than Instagram. Honestly, Insta is becoming the bane of my wallet so I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus. Nonetheless I had to snag these dainty studs as soon as I saw they were under a promotion. So basically the earrings themselves are free but like with all of these kinds of deals you still have to pay for shipping. So yeah, it’s free but kinda not free. Sorry if I burst your bubble! ($6.99 shipping fee)


I will say that the shipping was super fast! I ordered on a Saturday and got it on a Monday! Granted I live on the East Coast and the package shipped from NYC. Aside from that I did see many other reviews state it was fast for them too. They also sent intermittent emails every step of the way even after shipment!

Maison Miru curates dainty and timeless pieces so their aesthetic is right up my alley. I’m a petite girl so a lot of jewelry can look overwhelming and downright gaudy on me (imo). Lately I like to stick to a more classic style anyway so it all works out.


I prefer my jewelry in a gold tone but if you’re more of a silver gal they have an option for that too but it’s not free just discounted (20$+shipping). I assume that’s because of the difference in the materials.


The gold tone is 14k gold plated brass with high quality CZ crystal and 3mm in diameter with a post back. The silver tone is rhodium plated sterling silver 925.

The original price is 29$ as are many other earrings made out of the same material on the site. You’re also able to buy one and not a full pair, so it’s pretty great for people who have multiple piercings.

For 6.99$ I think it’s a steal, but for the original price (because of the material) I think it’s pretty overpriced. It will eventually rust and tarnish even if you keep it in a cool place and away from humidity. You’d have to never let it be exposed to open air for it to remain pristine and that’s just not practical (or timeless), you bought them to wear them right? I rather just save up and buy actual gold studs if I’m going to fork over that much for brass.

I definitely recommend taking advantage of the deal while it’s around though!






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