Current Everyday Makeup + Life Update ♥


My husband and I (+ our cat Bori) have recently uprooted from Florida and moved to the Nova/Greater Dc area! I am so happy to be here but I do miss my family a lot. It hasn’t been hard transitioning into this new state though. We live right in K-town so there’s so many bakeries, cafes and makeup stores to explore! Needless to say, keeping a healthy lifestyle hasn’t been the easiest since arriving but I’m really getting back on track with my weight training and eating habits. Aside from that it’s been much easier to meet like-minded friends in this area so I am very hopeful for the future (& my mental health). I’m really excited to continue to produce content on this blog that inspires you and me in whatever way it comes. I’m also excited to explore my new area and take you a long for the ride!

For now though let’s talk about my current makeup routine because it’s changed quite a bit from this past November. I have become enamored with the effortless Parisian look.


+ TATCHA the pearl underlight & eye treatment < moonlight >

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts and more than likely will for future posts, this is a staple in my routine. I naturally have dark circles because I have thin skin in that area. This has been the only product that has been able to mask it. Even though it’s marketed as an eye treatment I only see it as makeup. I would not, in good faith, wear this as skincare.

+ BARE MINERALS mineral veil

During the Summer months (which it is currently) I powder my t-zone. I am not particularly devoted to this powder but it is the one I’m using up right now. In the future I will most likely buy a pressed powder compact for convenience.


+ DARPHIN hydraskin cooling hydrating stick

I’ve recently become a Darphin devotee! I’m in awe I hadn’t bumped into this brand a long time ago. Darphin is a Parisian brand under the Estee Lauder umbrella, created in Paris 1958. This cooling stick can be used for a few things but I use it as a primer and it works wonderfully well while also giving an instant cooling effect!

+ BENEFIT gimme brow < 5 >

I’m still in search of the right brow product for me. I’ve used anything from Anastasia, Benefit, Etude House, Etc. Right now I’m just using the handy dandy gimme brow while on the lookout for other products. So if you have a recommendation, let me know! I like a more natural look these days so pomades are out of the question.



+ DARPHIN cc cream spf 35 < 01 light >

Another Darphin favorite! Thanks to my current skincare routine my skin has for the most part been on point so all I need is this cc cream for a radiant, natural look. My skin but better! Which means I don’t need concealer and one less thing is always A-OK with me.

+ HEROINE MAKE volume and curl mascara super waterproof < black >

I have a love-hate with these mascaras! They are a ride or die for sure but getting it off can be a hassle. When it says waterproof that’s not a joke. You need a really good makeup remover to get this baby off. So if you’re going to a sad movie or wedding, heck even a day at the beach or you’re sweating it out at the gym.. she’s got you covered!


+JANE IREDALE pure pressed eyeshadow < taupe >

I am a one shadow kinda girl these days. I was previously using a shadow from one of my Holika Holika quads as I neglect every other shadow I own. Let’s be frank, I buy eyeshadows because they look pretty not because I actually experiment with them. Which is something I take responsibility for so I haven’t bought any new shadows in a long time. That being said, a good friend of mine was in town and introduced me to this shadow by Jane Iredale. It has now become my daily shadow! (don’t worry she gave it to me, I didn’t buy it haha)


+TONY MOLY liptone get it tint hd < 07 red chili >

Lips have always been my favorite area to dress up. So in true Parisian style, while other areas appear more natural my lips are what I really make stand out! Reds have been a favorite these days and this lip tint by Tony Moly is the perfect everyday shade for me. I also apply it to the apples of my cheeks. Usually anything labelled Chili is right up my alley.



Did any of these products spark your curiosity? Let me know in the comments!





anabel chun


4 thoughts on “Current Everyday Makeup + Life Update ♥

  1. sapphireroses says:

    Glad to hear you feel like you can fit in well in Nova; like you said it’s good for mental health to feel like you belong somewhere and are surrounded by people with common interests etc.

    I’m amiring your style as always and I’m thinking maybe I should finally try that lip tint (regardless of not actually needing to add to my lip product hoard).

    Looking forward to your next post 🙂

    Ciao for now ~

    Liked by 1 person

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