February Wish List


Origins Original Skin Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer with Willowherb x o

Once my RMK primer is all done I’d really like to try this mousse type one! It’s supposed to be really cooling which will be great for summertime in Florida. Plus the packaging is pretty cute right!?

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Pillow Talk x o

So I’ve never tried CT before but lately I’ve really been getting the itch! Lately I’m not too concerned with buying new makeup but I have to say lip products have always been a weakness for me. Pillow Talk is a nude pink that is apparently quite iconic.

No Brand Square Neck Victorian Blouse x o

So originally I saw this particular blouse on shopspring but it wasn’t really affordable. Usually I won’t get too into trends because, well they fade like the seasons. Luckily for me I have a true love for Victorian-esque fashions and this blouse was screaming to be worn! Luckily I found a much more affordable alternative on aliexpress. I find that square neck blouses in general are very feminine and flattering.

Lush Peachy Bathbomb x o

I don’t even take baths but I need this in my life! Unfortunately it’s limited for the season and it’s completely sold out online. I literally saved it yesterday to buy it in a few days but apparently that was a big mistake! There isn’t a Lush in my dingy college town but hopefully there are still some remaining the next town over. I don’t normally shop at Lush but Valentines is the BEST season for their releases in my opinion. Somehow I forget every year and remember far too late.

Soap & Glory Love At First Blush Cheek Stick x o

I saw this recently on one of freddy my loves makeup videos and had to have it! For some reason the packaging says “highlight and sculpt” but it’s honestly just a cream blush product. Looks like it gives a pink, healthy color to your cheeks. I will link the video as well so you can see how it’s applied!

Urban Outfitters Butt Mug x o

I don’t really know how to justify this one, though do I really need to justify my wish list!? It’s a cute butt mug! & I want it!! It comes in different skin tones as well.

No Brand Faux Leather Purse x o

These days I don’t really drop a lot of money on handbags. Mainly because I’ve been wanting the same bag for a few years now and haven’t been able to get my hands on it. So I’m just waiting. If you’re curious, my dream bag is from Marhen J, they’ve been getting more popular recently. When I visited Korea though they were only special ordering/making the bag I wanted so I was unable to get it yet again. BUT WHEN I VISIT IN A FEW MONTHS, WATCH ME GET IT. Anyway, I really liked the color and design of this alternative one. I especially like the gold detailing.

Was there anything on my list that caught your eye?!


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8 thoughts on “February Wish List

    • alattestyle says:

      I’ve been shopping on aliexpress for years and haven’t had any problems. That being said you have to check picture reviews, how many stars a store has and know your measurements. I always legit laugh when people complain about asian sizing on an asian website.


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