Haircare Routine For My Brassy Bleached Hair

Even though I solemnly swore to never touch my hair again with bleach after the years I went through having to restore the integrity of it.. HERE WE ARE, BACK AT IT AGAIN.

Granted I never used Olaplex before so this time around it’s really been a breeze! I’m not at the color I want just yet but it’s a livable transition. I also decided not to edit ANY image in this post so that whatever colors show up can be as true as possible.



  • OLAPLEX No.3

This is the first product of the brand I’d ever tried and it also made it into my January Favorites so I’ll link that down below! I’ve been using this even before I bleached my hair. Back then I used it once a week and now after bleaching I use it twice a week. It’s basically an at-home repairing treatment. It reduces breakage which is all too common with bleached hair and improves the appearance and feel. If you’ve bleached before you know the term broom hair.. none of that this time around!

  • OLAPLEX No.4 + 5

Since I loved the bond building treatment so much I decided to go ahead and try out the shampoo and conditioner. Wow! I mean literally ONE USE and you could see and feel the difference. It is pricey but oh so worth it! Luckily a little goes a long way. The scent is citrusy and light, like nothing I’ve ever smelled before. It’s a very pretty scent!

🌱 olaplex is vegan and formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates!


So if you haven’t heard of this brand, don’t worry neither had I. But I’m glad I bumped into it while searching for a toning shampoo. It’s sold at target for $12 and also has the accompanying conditioner. I decided to just get the shampoo because I much prefer my Olaplex conditioner. You’ll notice in the pictures below that my hair is pretty brassy and purple shampoo won’t do much for brass, you need blue to counteract those tones. That being said even though this shampoo is labeled as “purple” it’s so deep that it’s almost blue. It’s like right in the middle. For yellow hair it’s recommended only to leave it on a minute or two. I left it on for a full 3.5 minutes. It is one of the more conditioning purple shampoos I’ve tried, they tend to be insanely drying. Unfortunately that purple shampoo smell is still present but it’s not as overbearing as others I’ve tried. I still use my Olaplex shampoo first to cleanse my hair and then the purple shampoo right after to deposit the color, finishing off with my conditioner. I use it every other hair wash.


Third day hair. About four weeks after a gloss and toner at the salon.



And these are after! Obviously not a huge change but much less brassy. No shampoo is going to amazingly turn your hair ashy when it’s still in the brassy phase. You have to bleach your hair to the right level. I’m aiming for a buttery blonde balayage while still keeping my dark roots. Beachy!

What are your hair goals for 2019?





anabel chun


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