January Favorites ♥ 2019




LANCOME l’absolu lacquer < 378 be unique >

This is a lip tint I’ve mentioned in the past and although I really liked it I never got a lot of use out of it until now, I was on a red lip streak last year.  It’s basically the only lip product I’ve been using this month! It’s very pigmented and long lasting, it also gives you enough time to blend out on your lips before it fully sets. It says to be in the fuchsia family but honestly it’s just a really pretty pink, a little more intense than the Benefit Posie Tint.


JO MALONE wood sage & sea salt cologne

My interest in fragrances has really shifted over the years. In my teenage years I was all about sweet, floral and even fruity scents (Hello Britney Spears Fantasy!). That followed into my early 20s (Hello Justin Beiber Girlfriend!) and eventually I took it a little more muskier in my mid 20s (Hello Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb!). But now in my late 20s I’ve really started to embrace a more clean fragrance style. To be honest although Jo Malone has beautiful packaging I really don’t like many of the fragrances at all but wood sage & sea salt is the exception. It’s clean, woodsy and best of all light. Unfortunately it doesn’t last long so I always have it in my purse but it’s not a big deal to me.




I don’t deal with a lot of acne problems like I did when I was a pre teen (it was really bad back then) but when I read that Curology treated other skin concerns I decided to give it a try. I did a 1 month free trial that included my prescription, the cleanser and the moisturizer and it was under 5$ for the shipping. My main concerns were the texture of my skin, some breakouts around my time of the month and blackheads. All in all I love it! It has worked really great for me, I didn’t have a “purging” phase but my skin was very dry around my lips for 2 days and then it went back to normal. I will continue to repurchase the prescription. The cleanser and moisturizer were alright but not enough to order.

If you want to do a free trial I appreciate if you use my referral link: FREE TRIAL

It doesn’t cost you anything but it does give me some credit I can use toward my next bottle!


OLAPLEX at home No.3

I’ve been using the at home treatment since August of last year, once or twice a week and it shows! Recently Jean and I decided to mess up my hair by trying out an at home balayage, you know like bleaching it twice for fun 🙄 I ended up going to a local hair school to get it fixed affordably and it was the first time (no exaggeration) that a stylist has told me my hair was soft and it felt like I hadn’t even bleached it at home! This little bottle lasted quite awhile for my shoulder length hair. I have since cut it into a bob and such. I will definitely re-purchase and I also want to try out the shampoo and conditioner this year.


DRYBAR prep rally prime & prep detangler

Another hair favorite! I love the smell and it does a great job of heat protecting and detangling my hair. I also have the spray version for dry hair and I also love it too!


VANEDO sheet masks

My favorite inexpensive sheet masks right now! They are just 1$ at my local Korean market and come in a wide variety. They are really great for oily-combo skin!


Have you tried any of these products or have been curious about them? Let me know!





anabel chun


12 thoughts on “January Favorites ♥ 2019

    • alattestyle says:

      Olaplex is definitely worth it! Even if your hair isn’t bleach damaged, which mine wasn’t previously. As far as Jo Malone I had a whiff of just about all of the clear bottles and didn’t take a liking to any other than this one. BUT I will say that each scent develops a little differently on everyone’s skin. So if I were to apply them on me who knows if my opinion would change! They also offer scents in darker bottles that are more masculine. Do you have a Jo Malone counter near you? ❤


    • alattestyle says:

      OMG! I actually wanted to add that while I was there I decided to have a whiff of the limited edition white moss and snow drop and it was horrendous but I had sprayed it on my wrist. Maybe like 10 minutes later the scent had changed into something less intense and actually really nice. It’s annoying cause like who has time for that LOL but thought I’d mention it!


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