Revlon Photo Ready Candid Foundation

I’ll be the first to say I won’t touch drugstore foundation. I can cut corners on a lot of products but base and foundation aren’t it. I was really (REALLY) surprised when the Candid foundation caught my eye. Especially since Revlon isn’t really known for making great or cult favorite foundations. I’m a sucker for packaging and the image a product exudes so I was loving the effortless natural appeal of this one. So here we are, at $10 I couldn’t really pass up the opportunity to at least give the little guy a shot.



I really liked it!



  • skin enhancing foundation with a flawless, natural finish
  • with: anti-pollution, antioxidant, anti-blue light ingredients
  • without: oils, parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes or fragrances
  • creamy smooth texture that goes on like a moisturizer
  • blends invisibly to even out skin tone
  • medium buildable coverage with a weightless feel
  • 31 skin tone matching shades


Aside from the packaging what appealed to me was that is had a lot of good ingredients like mentioned in the claims and left out a lot of the stuff that can make you break out and have sensitivity. There just aren’t a lot of drugstore foundations like that on the market. I’m no scientist and I’m not an ingredient stickler so I can’t say those claims are 100% true but I will say that I have been wearing it with no breakouts or adverse reactions. It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin which is important when you’re aiming for a natural look. Another great thing is the shade range! I never really have a hard time finding my shade but I know it can be very hard for a lot of people. If you have an Ulta near you I recommend going there to shade match since they have testers. I’m neutral toned and Buff was spot on for me! Though I may need to go to Bare once we’re into Summer and with how inexpensive it is compared to high end foundations, changing shades doesn’t hurt my wallet as much.


Right off the bat I can say that this is not for dry skin. Don’t even look at it, walk away it’s not worth your time or $10. I have oily-combo, often dehydrated skin and on initial application you’ll see it’s quite drying even for me. What saves it is my natural sebum and a good skincare/prep routine. I guess for me, I wasn’t expecting a drugstore foundation to apply as easily as a high end one but if you’re willing to save a lot of money by taking a little more time this is definitely a winner for oily-skinned gals. With one pump I get medium coverage which is my ideal level and anything else remaining I cover up with a concealer. I didn’t notice any oxidation with my shade and I live in the Florida heat for reference.


  1. After washing my face I apply my skincare
  2. I spray a hydrating mist and use a hydrating primer right after (avoid any mattifying products)
  3. Use powder products sparingly
  4. You don’t need to set this foundation with a powder, steer clear. Instead set it with a makeup spray.

If you follow these simple steps this foundation will work at it’s peak!


What’s your favorite drugstore foundation?


anabel chun



13 thoughts on “Revlon Photo Ready Candid Foundation

  1. I totally get what you are saying in regards to foundation and preferring more high end. The one drugstore foundation that I live for is the Maybelline Fit Me Matte foundation. Honestly Maybelline in general I have come to learn over the years is perfect for my skin and skin type. So when it comes to work or daily errands I use my Maybelline, but on other days I like to use my high end products.

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