Daily Look: Holly Jolly


FOREVER21 basic turtleneck

AEROPOSTALE cable chenille sweater



YESSTYLE plaid mini skort

FOREVER21 semi-opaque tights



SODA GIRLS buckle ankle boots


I’ve been wanting to experiment with outfit posts! I mainly stick to beauty but I actually REALLY like clothes as well. I just don’t like writing about it so most likely any fashion related posts will be picture vomits. Let me know what you guys think!  ಠಒ್ರಠ






25 thoughts on “Daily Look: Holly Jolly

  1. simplyemsblog says:

    Loving the outfit 💟 It reminds me that I’m in need of a decent chunky knit jumper/sweater. I deffo think you should incorporate more fashion into your blog posts! I’m sure your readers won’t mind if your fashion posts are less word descriptive and more picture based. Anyway, do what makes you happy.

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    • alattestyle says:

      I’m so happy it’s finally getting (a little) cooler here because I have so many cute clothing I got last year in Korea but literally no way I could wear it here in Florida! I definitely need some more basic jumpers though but I really like the chunky knit type too! Overall Fall/Winter are the best times in my opinion for fashion haha! Anyway thank you for your input I appreciate it!  (๑˘ꇴ˘๑) 

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  2. artpopbeauty says:

    This is a really cute blog post! You should definitely make more of these. A post doesn’t always have to be a mini article on something, it can be whatever you want. I think this works really well for outfits because what you’re trying to say is really self explanatory. By the way, I really like the skirt! I typically stick to makeup and skincare when it comes to buying things off YesStyle. I’ve bought a shirt once but it wasn’t really my favorite. How are the clothes on YesStyle usually?


    • alattestyle says:

      Thank you Anna! That’s exactly how I feel about fashion-related posts, self explanatory! But I’m so used to writing with Beauty posts that it feels…naked! But in some instances I think the pictures speak for themselves. I think I do most of my Beauty purchases from Ebay, Amazon and Yesstyle depending on the product and price. Yesstyle loves to pretend things are on sale when their really not and I think that’s an unfortunate practice that a lot of people who are newer to the Asian beauty niche fall prey to. As far as clothing on there it’s a hit and miss, so reviews are super important. Another thing I don’t like is that they don’t allow images of products to be uploaded (may have recently changed this though?) so you can only go off of written reviews. Also sizing, I love Asian sizing so it works for me. It doesn’t work for a lot of people though so that’s a big factor. Also knowing your size in Asian sizing. I may be a small and x-small in skirts in the US (as an example) but I’m a medium in Asian sizing. Honestly I find way better deals and picture reviews on Aliexpress. But when I need it a little sooner I just use Yesstyle. Granted most of the unique items are not readily in stock anyway and still overpriced. I use Yesstyle sparingly  ˵¯͒ བ¯͒˵ 


      • alattestyle says:

        Oh! & for freshly released products I use BEAUTYBOXKOREA. It may take a bit longer to get to you but they literally have it up as soon as the releases are live in Korea. They also have Korean pricing and even cheaper. You can also request any product and they will find it and list it.


    • alattestyle says:

      I can’t wait to see them! Taking the pictures is definitely the hard part.. sometimes my husband helps but sometimes I have to do it by myself which can be nerve wracking. I just bought a new camera from amazon so I’m excited to work with it and scout for locations with not a lot of people LOL

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