Here’s an update on what I’ve been lugging around in my purse as of lately!

I won’t be going in depth about any of the VELY VELY products because I’m working on some posts for it already. All I have to say is that it’s an amazing luxury Korean brand that I’m insanely excited to showcase for you soon.




VELY VELY aura glow cushion

I always keep a cushion handy because it’s portable and has a mirror. Very easy to touch up makeup on the go!

VELY VELY o2 water glow mist

This has taken the place of my Banila Co hydrating mist which says a lot because I’ve been raving about that one for awhile. I like to keep hydrating mists in my purse because it helps with the heat outside and also dry places. If i’m wearing a more matte foundation (like my estee lauder double wear) it also helps with reducing the matte-ness of it. I love the long lasting part of that foundation but hate the finish.

ETUDE HOUSE dear my enamel lips talk

Overall with my makeup I don’t have to do a lot of touching up because I use a really great primer and setting spray (I don’t use powders anymore really). But a lipstick/tint is always good to have on hand!

ETUDE HOUSE honey cera lip oil

This isn’t always in my purse but when I’m using a more matte lipstick it’s a must have to reduce dryness.


I’m currently using up my remaining samples of Wakely which has been discontinued. I like to smell nice so I always carry a sample size/rollerball of my fragrance wherever I go.


ORAL B pro health floss

I work in the Dental field so I’m especially aware of how important it is to maintain your oral health. It’s recommended to brush 2-3xday but you should floss after every meal even if it’s just a snack. I always keep floss on me for this reason! Flossing is really important, brushing alone will not remove food in between your teeth. That leads to plaque build up and eventually if not taken care of periodontal disease. Once you have periodontal disease it will not go away or improve without extensive (and expensive) treatment. Just floss, it’s cheaper and better for your health in the long run!

PERIO fresh breath spray

Aside from this being the cutest mint spray I’ve ever seen it does a really great job at refreshing  your mouth on the go. I prefer sprays over mints and gum because it’s quicker and I don’t like to have candies in my mouth for extended periods of time.

LOOKAS9 instant americano

This isn’t my favorite instant coffee but I’m trying to finish the two boxes I have. I am a coffee holic and I have no shame! So I like to keep instant coffee on hand in case I need a little boost in the day.



KORILAKKUMA coin purse

Even though I do own an “adult” wallet I really much prefer my super adorable coin purse instead. I keep all my cards in it and change if I have any. What can I say, I’m a sucker for pretty things and it’ll be that way even if I’m 100.

KAKAO FRIENDS ryan + apeach pens

I switch out between these two a lot! I mainly carry Ryan around these days though. Especially at work, he’s always in my pocket!

BRUSH foldable brush

I really like this portable brush I picked up in Korea. It was either from a hotel or given to me by my husband’s family. Either way it’s really useful!


ECZEMA CREAM prescription strength

I’ve had Eczema since I can remember and although it’s not as severe as some cases I’ve seen it has traveled around my body throughout the years. Recently it’s landed on my right palm which has easily been the worst occurrence of it. I put on and remove gloves multiple times a day, wash my hands multiple times a day and also lift weights. It’s basically a lose/lose situation. I keep this cream on the go because it helps to form a barrier and somewhat soothes any itchiness. I don’t like DIY methods of dealing with Ezcema but I have been interested in trying Oriental Medicine in the future.

CONTACTS CASE 1800contacts

I’m blind as a bat so having my contacts case in my purse is a non negotiable.

PERIOD PAD regardless of brand

Even if I’m not on my period I always keep at least one in my purse. You never know! Someone else might really need it.




I talked quite a bit about this purse in my last post so I’ll have a link to it below! It’s very affordable, sturdy and simply pretty. Rose gold details over a black handbag, can’t go wrong.


DAILY LOOK [ 09/02/18 ]

What’s In My Bag!? January 2018 ♥




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