It’s been about 7 months since my last ‘everyday makeup’ post so here’s an updated routine! Some things have stayed the same but lots of things have changed too.


+ BANILA CO dear hydration facial mist
I won’t talk your ear off about this baby anymore! It’s a must have
though.. I spray it after my skincare and before my primer. I also
spray it on my face through out the day since my current foundation
is technically more on the Matte side and I prefer the Dewy look.

+ URBAN DECAY all nighter setting spray
I don’t always apply this setting spray because my current foundation is
insanely long lasting on it’s own, but If I know I’m going to be out and
about for several hours and the heat is high or if I’m going to work
then I do include a few sprays for a little extra support!


+ MAJOLICA MAJORCA skin lingerie pore cover
I picked this primer up on a whim at Olive Young back in December.
Overall, it does a decent job but I probably won’t repurchase.

+ ESTEE LAUDER double wear foundation < 1N2 Ecru >
This foundation is holy grail status! It’s definitely up there next
to the YSL Fusion Ink and the YSL All Hours. What puts this above YSL
is that it doesn’t transfer as easily on lighter clothes and it lasts
much longer. YSL is a better color match for me but I don’t mind being
a tinge lighter with the Double Wear. Another gripe I have is that the
Double Wear is quite Matte and I much prefer a Dewy look so I definitely
carry a hydrating mist with me and don’t go near any setting powders.
The coverage is medium-full and a little goes a long way. I don’t need
concealer when using this foundation. It’s been a blessing this Summer!

+ ELF ultimate blending brush
With the Double Wear I find that using a foundation brush works best for me.
I think that ELF brushes are really great for the price and overall this
brush does a good job at blending out the foundation evenly, that being said
when I try to blend around the nose it doesn’t do a great job and makes the
area look very sheer. In the future I want to invest in the Estee Lauder
Sculpting Foundation Brush which is a whopping $47. Maybe during a sale haha!


+ VELY VELY sculpt line contour duo
So, I’m actually not a huge fan of contouring in general and a lot of
contouring kits in the US have a reddish base color. The base color for
this is just neutral beige on the left and a natural soft brown on the
right. The places where I do contour lightly are my nose and around my face.
I like my cheeks to look plump so I avoid contouring the cheekbones.

+ FRANK BODY illuminator
By far the most glowy and moist-looking highlighter I’ve come across.
This has quickly become a staple in my routine since I randomly purchased
it at Ulta.

+ TATCHA the pearl tinted eye illuminating treatment < moonlight >
Wow! Okay! Where do I start though? I know I said in a previous post that
I was going to wait for a VIB sale to purchase this but well.. I didn’t
wait. I did get a great deal on Poshmark though and purchased it at half
the price! I’ve dealt with under eye circles for basically my entire life.
Fine lines since the past few years. This is the only product that has
been able to mask my dark circles. It is not an eye cream and please
don’t fall into the trap of believing eye creams can resolve dark circles
and fine lines. They can’t! Think of this as a pre-concealer? Actually I
don’t even need concealer when I apply this but if you’re going for a
full face then it definitely helps under the concealer. Way better than
concealer alone. Concealer alone has never done the trick for me. My only
gripe is that the recommended disposal time is 6 months. You only need a
grain-sized amount and there’s so much product inside that I don’t know
how you could actually use up the entire jar within 6 months. Seems like
a waste. Also, doesn’t it look like a poke ball!?


+ ETUDE HOUSE tint my brows gel < gray brown >
I really love this brow tint! It lasts quite a few days if you make
sure to follow the instructions. I think it looks best after a day
or two once the color isn’t as loud.

+ ETUDE HOUSE drawing eye brow < gray brown >
I use this to fill in the shape once the tint is starting to fade
and I also use this when I’m too lazy to use the tint.


+ BOBBI BROWN eye opening mascara
This is an old favorite! Makes my lashes look long and full of volume.
I think that the name perfectly suits it, it’s also easy to remove.

+ MAC retro matte < ruby woo >
A classic shade! I had some problems with this shade a few years ago
because it kept appearing quite pink on my lips. I gave it another chance
recently and somehow I’m not having the same problem. I seriously thought
I had a lemon, I even took it to MAC and they couldn’t figure it out.
May have been my skin tone at the time? I don’t know. It’s perfectly red
now on my lips! I see myself reaching for it when I want a bold lip.

+ YSL rouge volupte shine < 44 >
This is basically the best nude I’ve come across for me. Instead of having
brown undertones like many nudes, this has pink undertones which suit me
better. It’s not long lasting at all and it’s definitely a luxury buy but
I love having it for days when I want that fresh no makeup look.










43 thoughts on “CURRENT EVERYDAY MAKEUP ♥ JULY 2018

    • alattestyle says:

      Thanks girl! I hope your breakout calms down, it’s really the worst when your skin is going through that. It doesn’t happen to me often but when it does, I don’t even want to go outside, so I feel ya ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Anya Bettoney says:

    These are such lovely makeup items! I also love your flat lays (deffo inspo!). I’ve just purhcased my first MAC lipstick in the shade ‘Creme de la Femme’ and I love it, especially as I dont normally wear anything, it really just finishes off the look! X

    Liked by 1 person

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