ESTEE LAUDER double wear foundation < ivory nude 1N1 >

Surprisingly this was my first encounter with the double wear foundation! I knew it was around but I never really thought about trying it until I saw a Youtube video about Korean flight attendants. This was one of the foundations they swore by due to it’s long lasting nature. I work as a Dental Assistant so most of my day I’m wearing and removing protective glasses and masks so it’s extremely hard for my foundation/bb cream to stay in place. This foundation is a game changer! The only negative thing I have to say so far is that it can be drying. I have Oily-Combo skin and though I don’t deal with any dry patches it’s obviously not as dewy as I like. But not a big deal, I usually carry around a hydrating mist with me anyway so if I’m feeling a bit drier than I’d like I just spray a bit of my mist. Definitely works great in the Florida heat, I wonder how it fairs in colder climates though.



MISSHA time revolution the first treatment essence intensive moist

I talked a bit about this essence in my shelfie post and it really has become a favorite recently! It goes on so velvety smooth like I’ve never experienced before and leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. I’m definitely going to be purchasing the full size once I finish this mini!



SUNDAY RILEY c.e.o 15% vitamin c rapid flash brightening serum

I picked this out at Sephora with my reward points on a whim. I love anything brightening and I’d actually been looking into getting some sort of serum or ampoule that helped with brightening dark spots and unevenness. Even though I don’t deal with a lot of acne these days I still get some around the time of my period. They are always cystic lately and in some places they’ve left behind dark pigmentation. I also have some acne pigmentation on my right shoulder I presume from working out and then using a loofa sponge in the shower. I hate to admit it but loofa’s hold so much bacteria and since I’ve stopped I haven’t had any new breakouts on my shoulder. Lab Muffin made a really great article about this that made me change my bad habit! It definitely gives my skin a glow, I use it day and night. I like it so much so far that I’ve already purchased a deluxe sample. It’s half the amount of the regular size. The regular size is quite pricey so I opted for a more economic option. As far as getting rid of that pigmentation I’ll definitely make a follow up post in the next few months, I want to give it time to work.


TATCHA the pearl tinted eye illuminating treatment < moonlight >

I’m waiting to buy the full size at the next VIB or Friends & Family sale at Sephora. This is..wow! I deal with hereditary dark circles and hollowing of the eyes which I will eventually get treated in Korea BUT as a temporary alternative this really does the trick! A little bit goes a looooong way.



ABERCROMBIE & FITCH wakely perfume

Of course with my luck one of my very favorite Summer time fragrances has been discontinued and I’ve been stocking up on samples since their at an all time low discounted price. It has a clean, feminine smell. Sort of reminds me of Light Blue by Dolce&Gabanna but a little muskier. I kind of like the samples more anyway since their portable! It has scent notes of orange zest, gardenia and sweet amber.



BENEFIT cha cha tint

I’m really adoring coral lips this Summer! This tint looks really lovely and natural without drying out the lips and when paired with the corresponding balm it’s pretty unbeatable. EXCEPT that the staying power is pretty subpar. If anyone has any recommendations for Korean tints that are about the same shade and are long lasting let me know!





THE SAEM silk hair style one minute shadow

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!? Or well my adult life..

When I was younger I had thick hair but overtime with bleaching, heat tools and what have you my hair has become quite thin. When I put my hair into a ponytail or a bun.. or even day old hair that’s a bit greasy you’ll be able to see a bit of my scalp. The struggle. This completely changes all of that! It’s not water proof unfortunately but It’s really made my life easier.




VEET legs & body wax strip kit

I wanted this to work, gawd I wanted this to work so bad! I have an allergy to most metal so when I shave I can become pretty itchy and I have no self control so I scratch and scratch until my skin is left irritated. I felt like my soul was being torn out of me for little to no result. Hardly any hair came off. For that much pain it’s unacceptable. The foam/creams aren’t that much better either, especially in the underarm region.



GLOW RECIPE watermelon glow jelly sheet mask

There I went again getting sucked in by cute packaging.. I was hesitant to try this brand in the first place since one owner (even though technically Korean) is more Korean-American and the other isn’t even Korean nor did she study or work in Korea. A lot of Non-Korean brands these days have jumped on the Korean Beauty bandwagon and tried to execute “Korean-Like” products horribly. Leave Korean Beauty to the experts. I’ve tried the watermelon moisturizer in the past and was not impressed and this mask was a total disaster. Let’s start with the mask material which is hydrogel. Hydrogel is by no means a new thing in Korean masks and I’ve tried quite a few over the past decade and this is by far the most cheap and fragile one I’ve come across. You have to be so incredibly careful so that it won’t rip. For 8$ a single mask that’s pretty absurd. And on the product itself, well It made my face burn a few minutes after application, so much for hydrating and soothing. That’s another lesson for me on how not all cute things work well.







  1. With love, Caroline says:

    The beauty products sounds so good! For the wax strips I totally agree!! It never works with me as well and it’s really painful! I never shaved because my skin is very sensitive, so waxing with a beautician really helped me! But it’s quite expensive so recently I bought a wax roll-on with strips, you just warm it, apply it and remove it with the strips! Painful but you get used to it 😊 just be careful to do it correctly 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. gracewithmycoffee says:

    I was secretly hoping you would say the Tatche eye cream wasn’t amazing, because I have been trying to talk myself out of buying it lol. It is so expensive, but I have the same under eye problems. I guess I need to suck it up and buy it. I don’t mind spending the money if it works well.
    I’ve been using Drunk Elephant’s vitamin C serum and I’ve enjoyed it, but I may check the Sunday Riley’s out. I will say DE Vitamin C eye cream is AMAZING!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Liked by 2 people

    • alattestyle says:

      Ugh I feel you! I actually wasn’t expecting much out of it but I was surprised! My undereye circles are no joke and this definitely lightened them up like a concealer never has been able to. Still hollow, can’t fix that with creams but at least the cream helps with the pigmentation ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. DolceVitaNessa says:

    Loved reading your post! When I came across the wax strips, I cringed, as it reminded me of high school days. I wanted them to work so bad, but they didn’t. And I totally would have fallen for that cute, watermelon packaging too, though. Good job to whoever was on the design team for that. They got us good!

    Liked by 1 person

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