VELY VELY GLACIAL WATER SUN CUSHION Imvely is a Korean boutique that I have fallen in love with recently, this is basically a sunscreen and tone up cushion that is really great for the warmer months which in Florida is like every month haha~ This cushion soothes, hydrates, and cools down skin to keep it moisturized and healthy, especially after being exposed to the sun. It also protects your skin from the UV rays with its SPF 50+ rating!

COSRX ONE STEP MOISTURE UP PADS My absolute favorite toner that I’ve tried as of yet! It keeps my skin nicely hydrated without any added oiliness. I typically use the smooth side and apply it on my face and also my neck. I cut the pads in half so that it will last me longer, since I use the pads night and day I can go through a container pretty quickly otherwise. Half is more than enough for my face and neck, they are drenched in product!

SKINFOOD BLACK SUGAR PERFECT ESSENTIAL SCRUB Well that was a mouthful! I purchased this in Korea on a whim and am very happy I did! Recently I use this twice a week, I prefer physical exfoliation as my skin reacts well to it.

SECRET KEY SNAIL REPAIRING EMULSION This summer I’ve decided to switch out traditional moisturizers with an emulsion. Emulsions are basically a lighter version of a moisturizer, typically water-based and they don’t tend to clog pores. I’m enjoying this one so far but it hasn’t WOW-ed me and I’ve been using it for a few months now. So more than likely I won’t re-purchase in the future.

COSRX LOW PH BHA BARRIER MIST As I’ve mentioned in a previous skincare post, I wasn’t all that impressed when I first received this as a gift from Cupidrop. But over the course of continual use I have come to really love this product and it does a pretty great job of forming a barrier for my skincare to work efficiently.  I use it as the last step in my skincare routine, night and day. I keep it in the fridge because it feels really nice when it’s cool.

DAISO CLEANSING WATER I recently ran out of my micellar water so I’ve been using up this really cheap makeup remover that I purchased in Korea. Overall it’s OK at removing face makeup but it’s not all that great for eye makeup even when it’s not waterproof. But I’ll definitely use it up and keep the container to refill actual micellar water next time since it’s pretty cute. The smell reminds me of Korea which is also another reason I keep it around haha~

MISSHA TIME REVOLUTION (SUPREME MOIST) THE FIRST TREATMENT ESSENCE Another mouthful! Holy jeebus I have never in my life experienced an essence quite like this. I’ve seen it reviewed multiple times and it’s basically made it’s way around the K-Beauty community since it came out. I never thought to actually try it since I figured it was just “another essence” that was hyped up for no good reason. But I was wrong, oh so wrong! I fell in love on first application! That’s hard for me! The most notable thing is how smooth and velvety it feels, I don’t even know how to describe it but I’m definitely getting the regular size once I finish up this deluxe sample.

MISSHA TIME REVOLUTION BORABIT AMPOULE This ampoule sample also came a long with the essence, overall I think it’s fine but I don’t know if it’s actually made a difference. I’m really picky with ampoules and for an ampoule to be a really concentrated formula I expect to see some results in a short time, even if their temporary. I haven’t noticed much of anything with this one so more than likely I’ll finish it up and be done.


SARANGHAE NOURISHING & MOISTURIZING OIL + FOAM CLEANSER I was absolutely in love with the original Saranghae oil cleanser but it got discontinued just as fast as I fell for it. In it’s place is the new formulation which honestly is even better at removing makeup and accumulated sebum making my face feel really clean! But not that dry, squeaky clean. Like a moisturized, hydrated clean. It also contains truffle extract and gold (yes, real gold!)

BANILA CO DEAR HYDRATION FACIAL MIST I’ve probably drilled you about this mist more than I’d like to admit. I use it before applying any makeup, even primer. Perfect for aid in achieving a hydrated, glowy appearance.

LIVING PROOF FLEX SHAPING HAIRSPRAY This is a nice smelling and hard working flexible hairspray that will keep your curls looking gorgeous all day, even for people with fine hair! Since my hair is short (aside from when I wear extensions) I don’t curl it but I do curl my bangs so that they appear bouncy and this spray helps them stay that way!

CLINIQUE ALL ABOUT EYES EYE CREAM I’m really not sure what to think about this eye cream yet. I was previously using the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream which worked well enough but I wanted a change. The texture of this one is a bit greasy, but it’s not actually greasy it absorbs very quickly! Does that make sense? It works well enough for hydration but I may try a more tinted eye cream in the future for my dark circles. FYI I don’t believe any eye cream will make dark circles magically disappear but the tinted ones can help with masking them temporarily.






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