CHUU is one of my favorite Korean fashion brands! Their clothing and accessories are great quality and offer a cheaper alternative to brands like STYLENANDA and IMVELY, which are a tad bit more expensive.

I like pretty and cute clothing but not overly so. Basically you probably won’t see me in the popular pleated school girl skirt or anything of the like. This brand offers super cutesy clothing (that I wouldn’t be caught dead in) but also feminine basic and unique  pieces that I gravitate towards. Something for (almost) everybody.


When I was in Korea I was able to visit the flagship store in Hongdae, which by the way was a damn adventure trying to find with the help of Kakao navigation haha. Hongdae has a lot of alleys and side streets! While I was there I picked up my first pair of -5kg jeans and the day before I left back home I picked up another pair haha~ I’ll be showing you my most recent haul and my growing collection of -5kg jeans as well!



 -5KG hobbit jeans VOL.89


The HOBBIT collection is made for shorter people, so it has a shorter inseam. Although for obvious reasons I really don’t like the name the collection itself is really great! Unfortunately this collection doesn’t have as wide of a variety to choose from but even the regular line is still shorter of an inseam than jeans in the US.


I was in love as soon as I saw CHUU post about it on their Instagram! It’s the newest addition to the HOBBIT line. My jean size in Korea is a 27 (US 25) but it seems this runs a size bigger. So I would have been better off with a 26.





It’s a wide, baggy pant that should hug the waist. It’s a little loose on my waist because of the sizing issue but not anything crazy, if I really need to I’ll wear a belt.

-5KG jeans VOL.34


These were supposed to be a baggy, slim fit. I had another sizing problem though lol! These are all my fault though guys. These particular jeans come in S,M,L. I ordered a medium when I should have ordered a small. They are a little loose on my waist but again nothing crazy.


These were in the regular line so they were a bit longer on me so I decided to cut them to make them fit me better and look more distressed. I’ve actually done this to the rest of my Chuu jeans!




CHUU so hot knit cami <MOCHA,BEIGE>


These are ONE SIZE and quite stretchy. I think they would fit x-small to medium. Large may fit too tight. I plan on ordering the rest of the colors in the future. Absolutely love these for Summer and even as an under layer for the Winter. At only 10$ these are a definite steal! Great quality, not transparent.



I’m not quite sure which VOLUME these are because I bought them in-store but there are plenty of jeans that are similar on the site. These are my absolute favorite out of all of them!

original_2 (1)



These I cut as well to fit me better and to look more distressed!




These I’m not sure of the VOLUME either for the same reasons as the last.


These jeans are very stretchy so I like to wear them if I’m feeling bloated or going out somewhere to eat A LOT!



There are quite a few 3rd party websites like YESSTYLE and KOODING that also sell CHUU products but I much prefer ordering from the actual CHUU site for these reasons..

Those 3rd party sites jack up the prices of CHUU items. CHUU has cheaper and faster shipping.  You also receive your authentication booklet with each pair of Jeans. Once you make an account you’ll receive three 5$ credits to use towards your order. Purchases over 200$ (US REGION) are free, otherwise it’s only 8$ BUT with those credits you’re really only paying 3$ for shipping. They also ship with FEDEX so once my items are shipped out they are here in 1-2 days from my experience. You also earn credits with your purchases that you can use on future orders.

They mention that delays can happen sometimes on super hot items that can take up to 21 days to ship out (they do not offer cancellations when this happens) but I haven’t had any problems with that. Orders can take 3-8 days to arrive to you but I’ve never waited that long either.


11 thoughts on “CHUU HAUL + -5KG COLLECTION

      • Hours and Miles says:

        I’ve been in a few times but I was just overwhelmed by how beautiful and cute everything was that I didn’t try anything on lol But I’m in the market for some new jeans so now seems like a good time ^^

        Liked by 2 people

      • Hours and Miles says:

        Living here is pretty fun ^^ But I always miss home too. I saw on your about page that you’re from Florida, I am too! So at least you get to enjoy the warm weather in the winter while I’m freezing my fingers off at my desk here lol But I hope you get to come back!

        Liked by 2 people

      • alattestyle says:

        Oh wow! What city? I’ve lived most of my life in Jacksonville, some in Miami and now in Gainesville because of my husband’s university. We were there this past December to January and it was so freaking cold, I still have a buttload of heat packs that his family gave us lol I guess for next time. I would love to live there for a few years but it seems a bit difficult. Visiting often will have to suffice for now TT

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hours and Miles says:

        Oh my gosh I went to University of Florida!!
        I actually reeeeeeally love Gainesville but I can see how it might be boring if you’re used to Miami or Jax. Yea December and January are suuuper cold >< the heat packs are a must lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • alattestyle says:

        Wow, small world!! Gainesville has it’s charms like everything being super friggidy close but yeah I prefer to live in a bigger city overall. We’re only here until he finished up which will be next year I hope! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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