PERIPERA pearly night ink lasting pink cushion <2호 pink beige>
PERIPERA sweet jelly pang <4호 my girl pink>

original_2 (1)



This is a special edition cushion case that was released for the 2017 Winter season! It was sold out EVERYWHERE while I was in Korea, I went to multiple spots in Seoul with no luck. I eventually found a few at an Olive Young in Gimhae (close to Busan) and only the pink edition was available. That worked for me though since that was the version I was hunting after!


The BB cushion itself you can still purchase with the regular packaging and they usually release limited edition cases every now and then too. It’s absolutely brightening and has a lovely finish! I can’t speak for how well it lasts throughout the day since this is a first impression but I’ll keep you guys updated!

Inklasting Cushion04

Shade selection is extremely limited! It will really only fit fair to light beige skin tones. If you fall into this skin tone range I recommend giving it a try! I’d also like to note (because I’ve seen quite a bit of negative comments about shade range in Korean cosmetics) that Korean brands cater to Korean skin tones and very rarely does a Korean person have anything darker than a tan beige. South Korea is also a country that mainly houses Korean people and a small percentage of foreigners. South Korea is not a melting pot like the USA. A Korean brands first market is South Korea, naturally. It doesn’t make sense financially to make shades that won’t sell. Western brands cater to their demographics so they have to include a wider shade range than Korean brands do. Just my two cents!

original_4 (2)



Can we just admire this packaging!? I will say that I’ve had this cushion unopened for 5 months since I bought it and it seems like the glitter in the case doesn’t move as freely as when I first purchased it. It unfortunately does not come with a re-fill but I’ve noticed that limited edition cases usually don’t anyway.



While scrounging the beauty section at TJMAXX I came upon this set in the clearance rack! I was shocked.. so many emotions! The packaging was damaged but the tint and mirror were untouched and in mint condition so needless to say I snagged it. Even better, it was only 3$. YEAH! The jelly pang tint averages 12$ online so I felt pretty elated.




I wore it to work today to see how well it would hold up, I didn’t have high expectations. Surprisingly it held up the entire day even after eating lunch with no need for re-application. The only negative thing about it is that it doesn’t twist back down so you have to be careful how much product you twist up.





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