Back in November of 2017 I posted my hair care routine for bleach-damaged hair. I had been through hell and back since the beginning of 2016 at the hands of a poorly skilled salon that completely ruined the integrity of my hair. It is now 2018 and my hair is finally back to normal, or maybe as normal as it’s going to get. It moves in a normal pattern and my natural hair color has regained control. You could have probably used my hair as a broom back then.



I’m now able to maintain my hair with less products and effort! If you have more bleach damage definitely look into my old post, I still stand by all the products that were mentioned. They really helped me get to where I am today!



I am thankful to be where I am today with my hair. It may be trivial but I love my hair and it’s always been long. So having had to deal with short, stiff hair for these past few years has taken it’s toll on my self esteem. Yes, a lot of people have it worse but I can only speak about my own experience and feelings. I had to continually get many trims over the years so long hair wasn’t within reason. But now I’m able to let it grow since it’s in a healthier condition! Trimming your ends is still beneficial but at this point I’m just going to let my hair do it’s thing and I’ll get a trim when I’m ready. So on to the products I’m currently using ( and loving )!



AMORE PACIFIC 려 ryo damage care shampoo

Ryo is a premium hair care brand under Amore Pacific that uses herbal ingredients such as Korean ginseng, green tea, camellia and soybeans to treat a variety of hair health concerns such as damaged scalp, dandruff and dryness.

I chose the damage care line because technically my hair is still and will always be damaged. If your hair is not virgin, it’s damaged! Anyway that’s just technical. My hair feels great but I still want to give it extra love and care. My husband bought this for me as a set at the local Korean market but you can definitely find it online as well. Sometimes local Korean markets will carry things like this so definitely check yours out!

It has a very herbal scent which some people may not like. I don’t like herbal scents at all but it wasn’t overpowering and the results from the shampoo were good enough to get past that road block.



AMORE PACIFIC 려 ryo damage care treatment

Amore Pacific owns brands like Etude House, Happy Bath, Sulhwasoo, Iope, Hera and Laneige to name a few!

This is a conditioning treatment that leaves your hair soft and manageable. I use it as my conditioner! Since it’s made for thin hair it doesn’t weigh it down and can be used all over, not just the ends. This treatment also has an herbal scent but it’s more toned down than the shampoo. It has a creamy, thick texture but glides into the hair smoothly.



 DRYBAR southern belle

Since my hair is pretty thin I really like to try to give it some volume! I’ve recently been loving this volume-boosting foam that I picked up with my insider points at Sephora. It has a really nice scent like most drybar products but make sure to smell it before buying it because it lingers.



 WELCOS  과일나라 kwailnara perfume water essence

Welcos owns brands like Around Me, Forest Story, Frudia and Touch Therapy to name a few!

Fragrance mists are all too common in Korea so I picked this one up at Daiso on a whim. It gives moisture to your ends if their feeling a little dry and adds a light scent without weighing your hair down or making it look greasy. This one was pretty inexpensive so the scent doesn’t really linger but I still enjoy using it when I don’t feel like wearing perfume.

Have you tried any of these brands before?

What’s your go to hair product or brand at the moment?



  1. scarletloser says:

    I like that you discussed the scents of the products because so many beauty products give me headaches frim their scents. I’m going to give the shampoo a try because I’m having a hard time finding one that doesn’t irritate my scalp. Thanks for the recs!

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    • alattestyle says:

      I hope it works for you! I love fragranced products but really hate herbal scents, this shampoo works so well though. Have you tried the Living Proof restore line? It’s also great ( a little more pricey ) and the scent is nice and doesn’t linger.

      Liked by 1 person

      • scarletloser says:

        No, I haven’t tried Living Proof yet. I have a bunch of conditioners and hair masks in line. I dye my hair every other month, so it basically stays damaged and I’m always looking for new products to help it recover after dyeing it.

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  2. ELIF says:

    Oh girl, I’m so sorry for your hair struggles and the toll it has taken on your self esteem. I’ve had a different kind of hair tragedy in the past (dry Shampoo induced hair loss) and am desperately trying to get my old locks back. But you know, things seem to get worse or improve at a way slower pace than you’re used to since we’re aging as well…so I really really feel you.

    I just had to giggle because I brought the same shampoo set back home to Germany! I can agree on the benefits. I feel like I am way too hooked on Korean cosmetics now so going back to Western brands seems so unlikely at this point. I’m sure you know that feel hahaha

    On a different note I was playing with the idea to get my blonde balayage back but seeing your short, black hair makes me want to stick with dark a little longer. You just look so delicate and young with your light porcelain skin and dark fluffy hair.

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    • alattestyle says:

      OMG! I didn’t know that’s a thing? I actually use dry shampoo quite a bit and have noticed the past few years I can see more of my scalp. Mainly when my hair starts to get greasy (which is like a day for me haha). I actually just ordered a hairline pact from the saem for this problem TT I wonder if it’s related to dry shampoo as well?
      & yes my hair definitely doesn’t grow as quick as it used to, it’s depressing.

      When I was younger I used to get so excited about releases at Sephora and the drugstore and now it’s the opposite. Korean cosmetics are on a whole nother level, so it’s such a pain I can’t just drive to the store and pick up what I want. I feel jealous of people who are happily complacent with Western brands. Must be nice.

      Balayage would look beautiful on you! But like I remember you’ve mentioned in the past, there’s something about dark hair and pale skin that just looks really flattering!


      • ELIF says:

        Oh yes, I am observing my hair for almost a year now and could tell you a few things based on the private research I’ve done. I’m preparing a post on dry shampoo and why I’m trying so hard to quit. I’ve developed an almost bald patch on my hairline close to the eyes and forehead from overusing dry shampoo. Upon further research I found out that many other girls made the same observation and had the same experience, it’s scary.
        I’m deep into some research about Korean hair care philosophy and how one could take care of a damaged and sensitive scalp (in my opinion most deserving of attention when it comes to hair care).
        Anyway, I’m sure we can still work it out for us since we both are pretty self care conscious. It’s important to treat ourselves with compassion and patience.
        Like I said you’re on a good way regarding your hair. I’m jealous how pretty it looks on you, just like a doll!

        And SAME SAME hahahahaha it’s so hard to get hyped up over western beauty releases. Maybe some high end lipstick or powder by Chanel/YSL as a pretty accessory for my vanity but that’s about it. Straight to the K beauty aisle as soon as I’m in Sephora xD

        Have you thought about changing your hair color anytime soon or do you want to stick with the dark hair and fare skin? I’m probably getting a fringe first and some glossing or olaplex pack just to get back that out of the salon gloss for weeks after the visit haha. I was so so jealous of the perfect hair so many Korean ladies seemed to flaunt ALL THE TIME. As if nature doesn’t touch their strands and only cares about bullying me out of all the people. Since I came back to Germany im really into discovering K girls beauty secrets. It was just unreal to me. They’re so well put together all the damn time.

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      • alattestyle says:

        Wow that’s crazy and unfortunate, dry shampoo was like my savior. I have to wash my hair every morning otherwise it will be quite oily by the next day. Especially since I work out 5-6 days a week. I’ve tried the no washing for a couple days but that doesn’t work on me. Never has!

        I’m going to keep it dark for now, I don’t think I’ll touch bleach again to be quite honest. But I don’t want to say never because you never know haha. You’d be surprised how affordable haircare and extensions are in Korea. I only spent like 240$ on extensions and no one could tell they were fake. If I lived in Korea I could afford to keep my hair like that, so it must be easy for girls in Korea to maintain as well. Here those extensions are in the thousands. 240$ is like a set of clip ins LOL

        Same goes for skincare and beauty procedures, SO AFFORDABLE THERE. Super expensive here. It’s not easily attainable here and I hate it!


      • Pariya says:

        Omg thank you so much for sharing this comment. I recently started using dry shampoo this year because I am a first year in college and I’m really low on time sometimes. I’m really going to try my best to stay away from it now!

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  3. Pariya says:

    I use the same shampoo that you mentioned and at first I hated the scent and how the texture was so different from standard shampoos; however, I’m so dependent on it now. It’s done so much for my hair and even though the change is subtle, I believe it has helped my hair since I’ve been using it 🙂

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