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A good mascara has always been an important part of my makeup stash. I’ve changed mascara’s very few times throughout the years and only when it could top my last one. That being said, my mascara needs have changed over time as well. So what mascara I think is the best at this point in time is dependent on my needs at this point in time.


CLINIQUE high impact mascara

These days my biggest expectations from a mascara are volume and easy removal. Although long-lasting makeup is always a plus as I get older I don’t want makeup that’s hard to remove, especially eye makeup. As you’ll notice in the before and after pictures the skin under my eyes is thin with fine lines. Even with a good makeup remover I’d still be putting unneeded stress on that thin tissue with a more water-proof mascara.


As a lover of Korean beauty I have no qualms with products that work with multiple steps. I don’t need a quick fix. This mascara is applied in two steps, a primer and then the mascara itself.


I love the thickness of the brush and surprisingly It doesn’t get on my eyelids even if I apply it from the very base of the lashes. My lashes are naturally a good length and this mascara really amplifies that with amazing volume. It’s also extremely easy to remove and build-able. I mainly use one coat for most days and two for special occasions.



What mascara are you crushing on lately?


9 thoughts on “LASHES FOR DAYS!”

  1. It definitely makes your lashes look beautiful. My favorite mascara is the False Lash Effect Mascara by Max Factor. I might be using that one for almost 10 years maybe? You know that feel when you’re constantly looking for something even better but come back shamefully? Yeah xD

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    1. I’ve heard of that brand but I don’t think we have it in the states or at least I haven’t sent it! That’s a good thing though, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! ๐Ÿ˜‚โค๏ธ


  2. There’s a L’Oreal mascara called False Lash Effect as well and the brush as well as the formula actually makes it look like your lashes are falsies! Your Clinique one looks fantastic though; I’ll have to check it out when I’m next up for a next mascara ๐Ÿ’–

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  3. I have two favourite mascaras. One is the Estee Lauder zero smudge lengthening mascara, It’s a tubing formula meaning it uses polymer technology wrapping your lashes in a non flaky formula. It also means it does not budge all day too and it’s easy to remove with just warm water. My other favourite is the Korean brand Innisfree skinny waterproof microcara. It seriously lengthens my lashes in a totally natural way. For an extra boost, I like to use the Lancome Cils Booster XL as a base to prime my lashes, however that can make it look a tad clumpy. x

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