1. ELIF says:

    I was browsing the K Beauty tag and choked on my water when I found you here, hahaha. Now I can spam you with brain farts on here as well.
    Anyway, like always, I love how you nail the soft and delicate makeup looks so gracefully. The shades in that palette are to die for and I hope to see more of your make up looks (I just like looking at your face haha) xoxo


      • ELIF says:

        Self hosting is awesome, especially when you plan to eventually monetize your work a little bit (blogging is a ton of work as you know). I am self hosting through bluehost, would definitely recommend. And I paid for my theme, so there’s that, haha. I actually thought that your blog theme is amazing. You can pull it off since your pictures are nice and aesthetically pleasing v.v

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      • alattestyle says:

        I feel like self-hosting will be much cheaper in the long run and I’ll be able to buy a theme that resounds with me more than what wordpress offers with premium. I can technically do that with the Business membership but it’s grossly expensive. I just hate having to deal with all the techy stuff that goes into transferring my blog to wordpress.org T n T


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