I don’t think I’ve ever had a designated spring fragrance until this year! I stumbled upon it randomly online and took a chance that I will never regret. I’ve never been one to shop frequently at Abercrombie (mainly due to price) but I always liked walking in for the smell. This scent definitely has that unique “Abercrombie Smell”.


Scent Style

Radiant, romantic and just a bit undone.

Key Notes

Mandarin, Jasmine petals and White woods


The bottle makes for a pretty decorative piece which is always a plus! It smells clean, feminine and floral without being overbearing. The scent reminds me of waking up in a Paris chateau; cherry blossoms outside my window, comfy white covers and bed hair that somehow looks amazing. Of course that’s never happened to me BUT a girl can dream.


If you have any favorite Spring fragrances let me know down in the comments!



16 thoughts on “MY SPRING FRAGRANCE

    • alattestyle says:

      I feel like it’s the right amount of clean,sweet and floral. Luckily on the website you can buy a 5$ sample of it and inside the packaging it gives you a 10$off code if you decide to buy the full bottle!

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