I’ll phrase it as ‘less anxiety’ because people who live with anxiety have some degree of it at different points of the day. I found myself eating lunch (brunch) alone this late morning. I’ve always found myself to be the lone wolf type but I’ve always had people around me, regardless of closeness. I’m currently in a weird spot in my life where I don’t have anyone around me (aside from my husband and cat who keep me grounded). It’s made ever so blatant now that we have moved to a new city where I don’t know anyone but those I work with. It’s a bit surreal to see all the college students moving around mostly in pairs and groups.. and although there’s so many people in this city, I still don’t actually know anyone as a friend. My husband is constantly studying with his head in the books for our future. That leaves me with a lot of time to myself with basically nothing to do but live in my head.


Crane Ramen (Gainesville, FL)

Going outside to get fresh air or a bite to eat by yourself can seem like a daunting task. It’s so necessary though when you find yourself in a position like mine. Constantly staying inside with the workings of your mind can cause you to become sad and in turn drains your energy. So I wanted to share a few things that help my psyche when I’m out by myself.


First thing is to try to be comfortable in whatever you are wearing out. This may seem like a mundane thing but when you’ve driven a few miles away and realize your sweater is really scratchy or your jeans are cutting off your circulation that’s all your going to focus on and may eventually lead you to drive back home. Once you’re back home chances are you’re going to stay there. So put something comfy on and walk around the house before taking off.


Roasted Pork Belly Steamed Buns

Know exactly where you’re going and have an idea of what you want to eat. It also helps to look online for pictures of the interior. This may seem like a big to-do but nowadays it’s a quick google search before heading out. Nothing is more nerve-wracking than the fear of the unknown. We all have our favorite places to go and eat, made the more comforting by the copious amounts of times we’ve been there. Nothing says comfort like knowing the in and outs of your favorite food joint. But I’m always trying new places and cuisines because I love food and culture, so doing my research always helps in the long run so that I don’t end up overwhelmed when I get there.


Tonkotsu Ramen

Pack some earphones with you before heading out. When we dine with friends and family we have the comfort of people we know and love and also the chatter we partake in. When we’re dining alone it helps to have something to focus on. I, personally, listen to podcasts while I’m eating. It soothes me and takes me away from either the silence of the coffee shop or the bustle of the diner. Podcasts, music and even catching up on a favorite show while eating helps to soothe the atmosphere.

– – – –

If you have any tips please share them too!



  1. Andrea says:

    I have always felt like people watched me whenever I would go out for dinner alone.
    Since I have to go on businesstrips, eating is no longer an exception. Many people are in the same shoes or just wanted to do something on their own. I opened myself up and talk to these random stranger. Sometimes ending up not eating alone after all.

    Your advice is great and definitely works!

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    • alattestyle says:

      I feel like that in most places, kind of paranoid for no reason. But not to an extreme level, I can still function. I know in some cases it’s hard to function with that feeling! That’s really awesome that you have the courage to do that, I hope some day I can as well. It may be the fear of rejection that holds me back, even though rejection isn’t all that bad if you think about it. Thank you for your input! ❤

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  2. Nivarnis says:

    I never leave my house without my headphones, I’m also a loner kind of girl… And interacting with people makes me nervous, so I just mumble words if I see familiar faces or plug in my earphones and look straight ahead, and pretend to not see people I know. 😓To feel more comfortable, I usually play my favourite music or watch a movie or read a book😀

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  3. realgraceshines says:

    I’m kind of really okay with eating by myself and taking myself out on dates, it’s the going out with other people that can be draining to me – waiting for everyone to agree, people in the group wanting to do something different than what you intended to it. These are solid tips though.

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  4. jaeshhhh says:

    Ah! How the description “lone wolf” creates such resonance in me. Friends mostly laugh when i use that exact phrase on myself 😂 yes i avoid eye contact with acquaintance too! I think the thing is to be comfortable with being alone, which may be uncomfortable for many if u’re not used to it or dont prefer being alone. I see people watching dramas on their mobile phones when they are outside alone. U could try that if there are any shows u’re into. I maximize social media time when i’m out alone. Or just people watch! I think i’m comfortable dining alone but not watching a movie in the cinemas though 😯

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    • alattestyle says:

      Over the years I’ve found that I have become more and more comfortable being alone which is great but also has it’s downsides since I don’t want to become a complete hermit either. I actually enjoy moving watching alone (or with my husband)! I don’t necessarily like to watch it “with friends” unless I know what type of movie person they are. AKA people who constantly talk, or joke or ask questions while watching a movie are a no go for me.


  5. chatbeautywithlopana says:

    I totally understand what you mean girl. I cannot go out to eat anywhere if I don’t have someone with me. It’s just hard and I fear what others are thinking when they see me. So I applaud you for bringing this topic to light. It’s a real fear.

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  6. floraalkisses says:

    I always feel self conscious when eating on my own so I’ve never really done it but if I did then I would probably either listen to something on my phone or go somewhere where I can take my laptop so that I can distract myself at the same time. Thanks for this advice, hopefully it can help me if I ever go to eat on my own xx

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