Mini Haul (Korean Masks, Fashion and Motivation)

Like many bloggers I have a shopping problem. I use it as a de-stresser, uplifter and something to do when I’m bored. So basically.. for any occasion haha~

I try to do it in small and not so expensive spurts for the sake of my husband and pocket book. So here’s a few goodies I picked up recently, live vicariously through me and enjoy!


The oral surgeon I work for gave each member of the staff a 50$ gift card to Kirkland’s (which is kinda like a Home Goods mixed with Marshalls) for Valentines Day. I was so excited to see ohK! masks there~ So I picked up 1 of each. I’ve only tried the bubble sheet mask so far so you’ll see a review coming up soon on my next mask post!



I also snagged this really cute weekly planner! I thought it would make for a great blog motivator, It can be really hard to stay consistent sometimes. Here’s a small preview of what’s to come~


I also visited my local Forever 21 and picked up more cute masks! You can never have enough masks in my opinion ٩(^ᴗ^)۶



While I was there I also picked up these olive green wide legged pants and a simple white button down blouse. A lot of clothing at Forever 21 is a hit and miss for me. You might pick something up that looks lovely only to have the word TACO strewn on the front, WHY WHY WHY. But I have to say if you stick to their Contemporary line you can usually find some really nice pieces.

I plan to get the blouse in black as well! It’s very comfy and light. The pants surprised me as well since I’m pretty dang short and wearing pants like these can be difficult. They usually drag even with heels but these fit me perfectly without heels!

Have you made any purchases lately?!


17 thoughts on “Mini Haul (Korean Masks, Fashion and Motivation)

  1. Nana says:

    It definitely helps to de stress. I learnt that after an incredibly stressful exam period around one year ago. It complete damaged my account balance, but at least I haven’t been as stressed since. It became a routine and that is not healthy, but for now I will go with it until I am done with my graduate degree and probably school forever. As for hauls, I actually got a nice one yesterday from Althea…never ordered from them before, but they have such amazing Korean beauty products however the bad thing is that they are delivered from Korea so probably lots of custom fees to pay. Really love your haul though soI will make sure to check out each product. 🙂

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    • alattestyle says:

      What country do you live in? Luckily I haven’t had any custom fees that I know of to pay when I order from Korea. But i’m not really sure what all the laws are with the US and South Korea. I actually passed by an Althea store/cafe in Hongdae while I was in Korea. I’m not sure if it’s related because I didn’t go in. Hope everything is going well with school! ❤


      • Nana says:

        Thank you. I ordered for the UK so there are EU fees. I never had to pay any before, well not on arrival as some companies use a delivery service that includes the fees at checkout, but not Althea. I am quite curious to see how it goes and how much they charge me. Otherwise, Althea prices are amazing and people say their products are originals so… that would be great. With my calculations for customs I still get the products cheaper than by buying them from the UK (those that are available at least), but I shall wait and see 🙂 I had no idea they actually had a physical store!

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