A much needed hair revamp ⸍⚙̥ꇴ⚙̥⸌

I removed my extensions a few days ago for my own comfort. They probably could have lasted another month or two but I missed the weightlessness of my own hair. Initially when I got them placed I wanted to dye my hair black but the salon recommended not to apply any chemicals to my hair due to the damage and I accepted that.


Since then I also got my ends chopped and my hair feels much better though there is still bleach damage. Because of this my hair doesn’t retain color well or for very long. But regardless, today I decided to head over to CVS and get a box dye (don’t kill me!!) haha~


I was trying to find a cool black or ashy black (not blue black) but wasn’t able to find it. So I opted for a regular ole’ black and because of the really pretty pink floral packaging I ended up getting this one from Clairol. By the way, a few years ago when my hair was lighter from bleaching I wanted to go back to black and accidentally bought a blue/black and my hair turned blue. So yeah, take that as you will.


My natural hair color is like an espresso brown but it’s hardly like that anymore. It states that this dye has a floral scent but to be honest I didn’t smell it. I will say It doesn’t have a strong chemical smell or anything which is nice. It was also pretty easy and painless to remove any dye on my skin with a cotton pad and micellar water while I was waiting to get in the shower.








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