This Week In Masks! (♡´౪`♡) 01/21/18

I bought quite a few masks while in Korea, I wish I would have grabbed more! Especially from Daiso. The masks there were less than a dollar (once converted into USD) and they work very well! I’v been trying to acclimate my skincare routine to fit Florida again. The weather here is humid even when it’s cold so I’m not able to use as many products when it comes to creams. Recently I’ve noticed that all I really need (aside from double cleansing and toner) are masks. Masks give me enough hydration in this climate where I don’t actually NEED a day moisturizer. I still do a full routine at night though.


I currently don’t have enough masks to use one every single day! But I have enough to use them a few times a week so I’d like to start making a weekly post to showcase the ones I’ve brought out of hiding~


달려라 하니 x TOUCH IN SOL very berry lip pack

3,000원 // 2.81$ )

The berry extracts are blueberry, raspberry, blackberry. It also has a Papaya fruit extract! It left my lips feeling really soft. You still need to exfoliate beforehand though for best results. The packaging is also very pretty! There are a couple of different products in this collaboration but I only saw this one in store at Art Box.


HELLO SKIN chewy elasticity mask

( 2-3$ depending on the store )

My first time trying this brand and I ended up getting a great deal at ART BOX so I have one of each in the line. I have to say this is probably the best mask brand I have ever tried! Granted I have never tried any luxury masks like SKII but as far as regular masks go, this is it! Aside from how well it performs the fit is really great for me. I struggle with masks fitting my face since it’s so small. Even if this mask is pretty much the same size as most, the adherence is on another level!


8’O CLOCK 4d cactus essence mask


8’O CLOCK 4d 24k gold essence mask

( 1,000원 // 0.94$ )

So these are some of those Daiso masks I was talking about earlier. I can’t seem to find them online which sucks! These are great for daytime use since the hydration isn’t overbearing. These may be better suited for people with combination to oily skin. Might not help out too much with dry skin. You can clip these on to your ears since it also helps with your V-line! And it makes it very secure so you can roam about the house, read, watch tv comfortably while you let it do it’s thing!


THE FACE SHOP real nature pomegranate grenade

This was given to me as a sample so I’m not sure about the price. It works well but it isn’t anything out of this world. I think it’s a good, simple mask. I may buy others in the future but I’m not too sure.


9 thoughts on “This Week In Masks! (♡´౪`♡) 01/21/18

  1. Duia says:

    you can get the ones available at sephora, they are a bit pricy indeed but some of them are really efficient, and I love testing out new, weird things… so why not?

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