What’s In My Bag!? January 2018 ♥

I obviously wasn’t very fruitful in trying to blog daily in Korea, I was trying to be in the moment more than anything. While in Korea I picked up a new hand bag and wanted to show you what I currently keep inside, so here we go!


This bag was purchased inside Gangnam Station. It is hand made in Korea! Originally I had my eyes set on the Jenny bag from Marhen J. but it was insanely hard to get a hold of so I had to settle for a similar bag. I kind of regret not picking up an older model of bag from Marhen J. but whenever I return to Korea it will be on the top of my purchase list.


I’ve tried to do small bags in the past but I just can’t hack it. I don’t like to think I’m high maintenance but a little bag just can’t hold all of my 1st world necessities, ha. It comes with two straps but I mainly use the smaller one because I am short. I keep a Ryan plushie that I got from the Kakao Friends event on my bag as an adorable accessory.



I have two wallets in my purse, I know extra right? The Korilakkuma is just a coin purse where I still have Korean coins and my metro card mixed in with US coins. My Kate Spade wallet carries all my cards and Drivers license among other small papers.


I keep this cute little notebook in there as well to jot down any notes and my Ryan pen to assist with that. I’m a bit of a chocoholic so I also carry some melty blends in case I want a nibble. Coffee is my driving force! While in Korea I became very enamored with drinking Americano’s so now I carry a packet or two of instant americano in case I need a little pick me up.


I work in the Dental field so I really care about my oral hygiene and how my breathe is kicking! haha~ This is a little spray to make your breath smell better after a meal in case you can’t get to a tooth brush right away. It tastes horrible! But it does the job.


As for cosmetics I don’t usually travel with a whole makeup bag unless I know I’m going somewhere over night. So usually I just keep a cushion foundation, a lip stick (or tint in this case), lip balm! is a must and face powder to absorb oils.


Moist towelettes are great to have in case of a makeup emergency or whatever else. I also carry special make up wipes that work really great if you need to remove makeup to apply it again (to freshen the look). I’ve been really loving the Banila Co. hydrating facial mist, right now I mainly use it to prep my skin for makeup. In Korea since the winter was dry I also sprayed it on my face anytime it felt dry. That happened a lot inside subways and trains. I try to keep at least one mask inside my purse for emergencies, like an unexpected over night stay somewhere. The one pictured I bought at Daiso and though it was less than a dollar it works really great! and has 3 steps, all in one. If you have medium – long hair it’s also good to keep a hair tie on you at all times!


I use dry shampoo on a daily basis, for oil absorbency and for volume so I keep a mini in my purse. Also bobby pins to tame any baby hairs if I decide to don a pony tail. & a fragrance sample or two~


Last but not least if I’m wearing contacts that day I make sure to keep my lens case on me. A hair brush to keep my hair tamed. My headphones with the connector for Iphone 7 (since it doesn’t have a jack). I have wireless headphones but I only use those at the gym. & my Muzi thermos where I can have cold water or hot coffee!

🌸 🌸 🌸

I’m really excited to show you all the things I’ve purchased in Korea soon so stay tuned!



17 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag!? January 2018 ♥

  1. hoiyinli says:

    Are you still in Korea? I hope you’re enjoying it immensely. I can’t say that I’m not a bit jealous! I love the bag a lot. It’s such a simple but chic design? I really love it. I can never find a bag like that where I am.

    I have a Kate Spade purse too! ❤ and that Innisfree powder pact is my go-to at the moment for touch-ups and setting down my concealer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • alattestyle says:

      I just got back to the states at the beginning of January and am missing Korea a lot! I hope I can visit in the Spring one day~ I was lucky to find it, Korea has many similar designs. Here where I live they don’t have this design either! So I know how you feel ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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