Daily Blogmas #1 (purikura,foodporn,shopping)

I feel like I’ve been really slacking on the blog lately, Before I came I even thought about doing vlogs. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. It’s hard to be in the moment and vlog at the same time, props to YouTubers who can achieve that inner peace. I really want to try to do “Daily” type blog posts while I’m here so you can see what I see. For more up to date views of my life right now, please follow my Instagram. I have daily insta stories!


We started off the day, like most, with some coffee from a nearby shop before we headed onto the subway.



There isn’t a whole lot of shopping to do in Busan compared to Seoul in my opinion, but Jean took me to a close by shopping mall that had a lot of trendy stores. Mostly overpriced, But I did find a gem of a store called “WANNABE”. Extremely affordable clothes and they were all really cute and trendy! If you travel between cities you’ll see a lot of similar if not identical clothing sold in different places. Multiple price points for the same thing. I’ve noticed the items are cheaper in Seoul for the most part, especially inside subways or locations like Hongdae. Maybe since they have to ship the same items to Busan they price it higher, plus having to pay overhead. A lot of clothing shops around Seoul, the clothes are actually outside or inside small boutiques so the overhead isn’t much I presume.


I’ve definitely noticed Korea loves their clothing simple and chic for the most part, especially in the winter. Many stores sell lots and lots of basics. My style is a little more feminine! If you take the time to look around you can find some pretty unique pieces though.



I went ham inside ARTBOX which is a store full of extremely cute things. Anywhere from eating utensils, stationery, socks, makeup, hair accessories and much much more!


We also did this type of Puri Kura machine! Took lots of cute pictures but unfortunately, they came out really tiny TT






We decided to eat at a 부대찌개 (army stew) restaurant inside the mall. Again, the food in Korea is really cheap. For both of us, it was only like 14$.





We took the subway home in the evening and it was REALLY windy, made it feel colder than it actually was!




When I shopped at Olive Young, which is kinda what you would see Walgreens as I guess. Except here pharmacies don’t have anything in them BUT medicine. So think of Olive Young as a drugstore without the drugs haha~ Our receipt had a coupon for a nearby cafe called A Twosome Place.  It’s inside the neighborhood so we sat and drank some coffee and I had some sweets before finally heading home.








So many people, mainly men smoke in Korea that there was actually a designated encased smoking area INSIDE the cafe. I’ve seen it in quite a few establishments actually.



Currently sitting on the bullet train headed back to Seoul and the internet is really wonky so I’ll leave you guys here until tomorrow!!!


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