First Time At A Cat Cafe (Busan,SK)

Before Jean and I began our travel over to South Korea we left our cat (Bori) with one of my co-workers. If you know anything about me, you’ll know I freaking love my cat, that is my child!!!! I miss her every day and every night that I’m away.

There are actually quite a bit of animal cafes here, especially cat cafes. We stumbled upon this particular one in Busan while we were walking around finding things to do.


I’m not too sure what the name of this cafe was, it just seemed like a small place nestled in the neighborhood. As soon as we walked in we were asked to remove our shoes and they provided us with slippers, we were also asked to sanitize our hands before entering the cafe/cat area. There were huge lint rollers there too, which was great because you know, cat hair haha~


As for drinks, I decided to order a Matcha Latte (hot) and Jean ordered an Americano (cold). The drinks were good, standard. Since I came I’ve been drinking quite a bit of coffee daily. Not necessarily because I’m tired but there are so many coffee places I want to try.


They kept the place very clean and disinfected intermittently. There were so many adorable cats and they all looked really well taken care of!


We had a really fun, relaxing time. There were a few other people in there as well but it wasn’t crowded or anything. There were enough cats for everyone!



I gave attention to almost all of them and the feedback was anywhere from “I’m beautiful, don’t touch” to “play with meeeee”. Every cat had its own unique personality.. but they were all basically the same as soon as we were given some food to feed them with hehe~


First, it began with a few cats coming over..



& then the majority of them were surrounding Jean for food and attention haha. I kinda felt bad for the other patrons since we were hogging so many cats without meaning to.


Something about being around and petting a cat is really stress relieving for me! When I come home from work and Bori is there to greet me it’s really satisfying.




So anyway, not much to say other than that.. enjoy a few more pictures! ^^;







and a little video of me playing with my favorite cat in the cafe, she was very playful!






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