The First 48 Hours (US to KOREA) ♥


It is currently 4AM and I’m sitting inside a PCbang in the suburb district of Gwangmyeong inside the capital of Seoul. My husband is next to me finishing up some last minute school work while others are doing various things, mainly gaming. It’s 4AM and the streets are lit like a Christmas tree, It looks like it is merely 8PM. I love this! People may say New York is the city that never sleeps but they obviously haven’t been to Seoul haha~


The plane ride here was long and exhausting and our bodies are pretty jet lagged, though I believe they are acclimating pretty well so far. Jean booked a great price for the tickets! But of course that usually comes with a few layovers. For us it was riding Jet Blue from Florida to New York; Air China from New York to Beijing; and Asiana from Beijing to Incheon. It was my first long haul flight and I learned a lot so on our way back I will be more prepared and comfortable.



We rode Economy which really wasn’t all that bad. If I had to pick my least favorite airline it would be Asiana due to the small plane and the food being really sub-par, They had the best flight attendants and service though. The food on Air China was REALLY good in my opinion, They fed us twice and the flight was about 12-13 hours. Asiana also fed us which was a surprise because the flight was pretty short, so I thought that was pretty sweet.


We were at the airports either late at night or super early in the morning so most food places were closed, I love food TT haha




When we were in the New York airport we spent over 30$ for two sandwiches, water and pringles; INSANE. But airport prices right? Well in PEK airport we spent 16$ for two dim sum dishes and coffees, it was insanely inexpensive! Not to mention tipping isn’t actually a thing in some places overseas, especially in Korea. Tax is also already included in the price so that means I don’t have to look up tax calculators online haha~


I dressed for the weather I was going to arrive to and not the weather that I was leaving behind. Florida is still pretty warm in my opinion but all these layers were a real hassle and ARE a real hassle even now in Korea. I say that because since it’s cold outside many places keep it heated inside so peeling off layers every time you enter somewhere is a real pain in the booty. We stayed at a neighborhood hotel last night and even the bed and toilet were heated, woke up sweating LOL. It’s crazy the service you can get for a mere $100 though, I’ll post about the hotel soon.


When we arrived in Incheon we took what is a called a Limousine Bus to GwangMyeong which is where we are currently staying with Jean’s brother. It really hadn’t hit that I was actually in Korea, even now it feels like I’m watching myself from the outside. Like a TV show or a dream. This has been my travel dream for a decade and thanks to Jean it has been realized! I actually almost cried on arrival but I held it back cause home girl was not wearing waterproof anything haha PRIORITIES OK~



We pretty much have been eating quite a bit with the family, there’s food and shopping on every single corner and it’s so freaking cheap and affordable. It’s really not fair, I cannot even!!


My favorite thing so far is the weather! I thought I was going to freeze or something since the coldest I’ve ever experienced was maybe 38F in Florida, which there that is freezing haha. But the cold actually feels so good! The only part of my body that gets super cold is my ears, I want fuzzy earmuffs but my head is so small that they don’t fit well. Still searching for a children’s store…hehe.


The fact that just about every single elevator has a mirror in it is pretty freaking awesome. This country is made for social media I swear.



One of my favorite convenience foods is this Korean onigiri! If you look at the first picture being the pleb that I am I totally opened it wrong LOL I was about to dig in there with some chopsticks but Jean fixed it for me. I actually brought two of them to the PCbang and an Americano coffee. I normally live on caffeine anyway but I definitely am thriving off of it now. There’s so many cute designs on them too. Really hard to pick but I think I found a favorite. Will also talk about some favorite cheap foods here on another post.



One of the main things that I wanted to get done in Korea were professional extensions that would last me a few months. Clip ins are nice and all but they don’t blend well with my thin, short hair and they give me headaches. In US high quality clip in’s can range around 200-300$, in some cases more. For that price in Korea you can get professional extensions. In US these kind of semi-permanent extensions are over 1000$, at least in Florida while I was browsing prices. That’s insane! These last about 6 months with proper care. The shop I went to were super nice and had worked with non-asian hair before. I initially went in for the priciest method (around 400$) but they recommended a different method that would be more natural and beneficial for my thin, damaged hair. It was actually almost half the price ($240), I liked that unlike the US they didn’t try to push the most expensive product just to make money. Again, tipping isn’t a thing here so it was a flat $240. The service was exceptional! I’ll dedicate a post to my experience soon.


We also walked around some parts of Hongdae that day. It is known for its urban arts and indie music culture, clubs and entertainments but also shopping! Lot’s of young people walking the streets. Also has some good and affordable clubbing and hip hop venues. If you don’t already know this about me I freaking love Korean hip hop, I don’t listen to much Korean Pop anymore.


I saw this advertisement and just about died! One of my favorite artists right now is Nucksal! This concert includes a lot of the participants of Show Me The Money, which is basically a Korean Rapping Show. Think American Idol but with rappers haha Sort of.


We are headed to Busan today to see the rest of the family but when we come back in a week I really need to come to this Cafe, it’s a virtual reality horror cafe. I love horror and cafes so, perfect. Also saw quite a few cat cafes in Hongdae I would like to visit.


It’s crazy how just about every single advertisement in Korea is flagged with idols and actors. I didn’t want to be THAT person but I love beast/highlight too much not to take the opportunity haha While we were in the subway there was actually a birthday ad for V from BTS and I was thinking of taking a picture but I was like NAH! and when we came back around there were a dozen girls taking pictures, it was cute.



There’s a few arcade type places in the neighborhood and we literally spent like 20$ trying to get Rilakkuma’s big ass head (even though Daiso has a smaller version for like 3$ lol) to no avail!!! Totally rigged but it was fun. They also had the 2017 edition Pump It Up with recent Kpop songs.

– – –

I’ll try to keep posting as best I can! If you want to see quicker updates please follow me on Instagram, I post pictures often and also Insta Stories. When I can I also go LIVE ❤️



12 thoughts on “The First 48 Hours (US to KOREA) ♥

  1. kimyunalesca says:

    This is really cool! I’m glad your kdream came true! I feel like I would feel the same if I go to japan or korea nxt year (if ever :))) documentation is good coz most of the time when you’re in a new place you dont notice some things til u look up the vids or photos u took.I hope u eat some seafood in busan.

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