What I’m bringing to Korea (Beauty and Health)

So we will be leaving for South Korea in just a few days so I wanted to share what I will be taking with me on the trip! We will be there for an entire month so packing like a minimalist is just out of the question (for me anyway haha). I did do my best to keep it light though (or what I consider light) since I will be picking up plenty of things while I’m there.



BELIF best sellers on the go travel kit


I honestly thought that my skin would be able to manage well with the Bobbi Brown 3 piece travel kit. Although each product is wonderful on its own it wasn’t enough to keep my skin satiated as a minimal skin routine. If it didn’t do well for me in Florida weather then I can’t expect any better in extremely cold weather either (which is what I bought it for). My skin was pretty much going bonkers and I kept missing my Belif moisturizer the most out of all the products I put into storage while we are away. So I opted for this amazing travel-friendly kit from BELIF which includes a pretty basic Korean skincare routine (which is what my skin expects nowadays); face wash, toner, essence, moisturizer, eye cream. Needless to say, I gave it a test drive and my face is back to normal 💕


Plus! This kit is only 20$ which is a total deal! and the storage case is TSA friendly and extremely adorable for the holidays.


ALGENIST night pressed serum + MAKEUPFOREVER ultra hd skin booster serum

These are two great serums that I have been using in my day and night time routines lately. Although they are travel sizes they really last quite awhile. The nighttime serum has a light, sweet scent and makes my skin soft and plump when I wake up in the morning. The day serum also makes my face soft and gives me a glow under makeup.


BOBBI BROWN skin nourish mask

This is a great nourishing cream mask I’ll be using at night. I don’t know how my skin is going to react to the dry, harsh winter in Korea so better to be prepared!


PERRIGO triamcinolone acetonide cream

This is a special, prescribed cream that I use for small areas of irritation.

SECRET KEY nature recipe honey sheet mask

Even though I’m absolutely going to purchase plenty of sheet masks I decided to bring this one with me to use on the plane since it’s a long haul flight. This one is great for oily-combo skin since it’s not overly hydrating!

Untitled design (7)


Yeah I know it LOOKS like a lot but it’s really not! These are literally just my essentials haha


THEFACESHOP velvet skin primer

This is a great time to use up samples and products that are near their expiration date so instead of bringing my new touchinsol no poreblem primer I decided to opt for these samples I haven’t gotten around to trying!


BOBBI BROWN skin foundation cushion

This cushion has pretty light coverage and I may not even use the product often in Korea but the mirror is extremely useful and clear!

HERA cc cream

It was really hard deciding what foundation to take with me and I ended up choosing this cc cream because It’s close to its expiration date and there isn’t much left so I might as well use it up. It’s also in a shade I will probably only fit through the winter. Being in Florida I tend to rarely be the Korean level of pale.

MAYBELLINE instant age rewind concealer

This concealer is a great, cheap staple! I’m also almost out of it so I might as well use it up too!



INNISFREE no sebum mineral pact

I’m honestly 0% sure if I’m even going to need a powder in that kind of weather. My skin is combo-oily though so again better to have it than not! That’s kind of a pattern with me, I rather have an abundance than being left short-handed.



ETUDE HOUSE personal color contour palette cream texture

I don’t contour often but since I’m going to have a month off of work and I’ll be traveling I’m going to have fun actually putting effort into my makeup. This is a great all in one kit.


TOO FACED 24+hour shadow insurance eye primer

The one thing I won’t be bringing with me at all is eyeshadow because that’s one of the main makeup items I want to pick up! Glittery shades! I will surely be out and about most of the time so I need an eyelid primer that will put in the work.

KATVOND tattoo liner

One of my all-time favorite eyeliners! I recently got this one in a KATVOND 500 point reward box from Sephora so I’ll be putting it to good use!

BOBBI BROWN eye-opening mascara

My favorite mascara, perfectly adds volume and length.


This gel helps tame my brows without flakiness or stiffness.

BENEFIT gimme brow

I decided to go simple, stupid and instead of bringing powders and whatnot I opted for this little baby. It provides great fill and coverage to brows while being water resistant.

BOBBI BROWN long wear cream shadow stick (golden pink)

I use this sparkly stick for my water line!



NARS rikugien

I love this color for natural makeup looks, your lips but better.


I don’t think they sell this at Sephora anymore and it doesn’t even have a name but it’s such a beautiful pink and creamy shade! I was wearing it in my circle lens review.

HHXDODOCAT gel tint bar #1 (pink)

This gel bar looks like a tint when applied but feels like a chapstick which will be really beneficial in cold weather.


Absolutely love Etude House Lipsticks, even the mattes are moisturizing! This shade was given to me by my sister in law. Unfortunately, my sisters’ dog chewed on it a day ago.. but I can still use it at least. It’s a beautiful fall, winter shade.


Can’t forget a classic chapstick, not sure of the brand though. It’s Japanese and I got it in a subscription box a few months ago. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s Mint, I’m not a huge fan.


URBAN DECAY makeup setting spray

Again 0% sure if I’ll really need this in freezing weather haha who knows, maybe I will have to opt for a mist to keep my skin moist instead.



LIVING PROOF phd dry shampoo

I cannot travel anywhere without this dry shampoo and I highly doubt Korea has it. So I’m bringing two!

LIVING PROOF restore perfecting spray

This spray is so great for damaged hair, helps detangle, heat protects and provides moisture.

DRYBAR + BUMBLE&BUMBLE  shampoo+conditioner

 Great hydrating shampoos!

END MEND fix spritz

My ends always need a little extra love, I haven’t tried this product out yet though so I’m hoping it does what it needs to do.


SECRET clinical strength deodorant

From watching videos and advice from my husband I decided to bring my own deodorant. It’s one of the hardest items to find in South Korea since most people don’t use them. If you do find it it’s usually overpriced. I don’t have magical non-stinky Korean armpits so this is a necessity 😂


Airplanes horrify me! This is my first long-haul flight as well so the Oral Surgeon I worked with was nice enough to prescribe me some happy pills so that I don’t imagine horrific airplane accidents the entire time.

AIRBORNE original tabs

I’ve been pretty sick with a cold the past week and once I started taking these along with Theraflu I feel so much better!! So I will definitely continue to take these tablets on the trip. They dissolve in your favorite beverage (I just like water) and it tastes like orange juice without the acidity.


I will bring an extra pair just in case something happens. Drunken nights and whatnot haha I also bought a travel size contact liquid bottle.

HELLO travel toothpaste

This is mainly for the plane ride plus my office manager gave me two toothbrushes to take as well. The perks of working in Dental!


KORILAKKUMA eyeglasses case

I think I got this from Amazon a while back and it’s the cutest glasses case I’ve ever owned! I’ll be using it for my eyeglasses, when I’m home I use them for my sunglasses as well.

??? heated eye masks

I have no idea what brand this is since I got it eons ago in a subscription box and I can’t read Japanese. I haven’t tried them yet either since I haven’t had the right chance. It’s basically a heated eye mask that you wear like glasses. Great for relaxing while your reading or surfing the web!

BIYOUSHUKAN 20 pieces disposable face/hand towels

I got this pack from the same subscription box as the heated eye masks. Great for travel!


I decided to bring a few pads (I don’t use tampons) with me. My periods are pretty random and since we won’t have a lot of car access in Korea I thought it would be beneficial to have these on me for when it does happen. It will give me time to get an actual pack later. If you use tampons make sure to bring your own and enough of them too, tampons are pretty hard to find in Korea as well, most women use pads. And again, if you do find a box it will likely be overpriced.


YSL mon paris

VIKTOR&ROLF flowerbomb

These are the two fragrances I will be bringing with me! They are perfect for winter weather. Feminine and sultry.

                                         🌸 🌸 🌸

I’m curious if anyone would be interested in seeing vlogs of my stay in Korea? I have a youtube but I don’t really use it. I thought it would be nice as a remembrance of my first trip there. First time seeing snow and stuff. Let me know!


15 thoughts on “What I’m bringing to Korea (Beauty and Health)

  1. hoiyinli says:

    Sounds like you’re all set for your trip! It looks like you love Bobbi Brown as much as I do ❤ I never see any posts that feature BB products!! I am really liking her SPF face base at the moment, and I adore their face powder too. 🙂

    Enjoy your time in South Korea…I'm sure you will have so much fun shopping.

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