It’s An Ikea Kind Of Day

Luckily for us an Ikea just opened up in our current city and we’ve been slowly purchasing things to decorate our apartment with when we move to Gainesville in January. We’re keeping everything in storage until we come back from Korea.

Last time we went I nearly had a panic attack and left extremely drained. It was opening week and it was massively full, couldn’t find the exit and of course babies screaming everywhere. Why you would take a baby inside Ikea is beyond me.


This time around I dressed comfortably and put on my walking shoes! I even took some pre-workout to help my energy levels. I don’t recommend doing that but it helps me more than coffee sometimes.


The first thing we did was eat!!! I’ve been dying to eat at Ikea even before it came here. I’ve always wanted to try their swedish meatballs and they definitely did not disappoint. By the time we were at a place in line to pick our meal they had run out of the meatballs but they quickly restocked in like 5 minutes! & they even gave us some candy for the wait. This dish normally includes a reddish (cranberry??) sauce but I opted not to get it. Jean found a 2 for 1 coupon on our meals too so it was pretty inexpensive.


Last time Jean went alone, since he knows I hate the crowds. We got a huge white bordered mirror for our room. Also some white drawers and such for my clothes and makeup storage. I hope he gets the desk he wants but he’s always buying the things I want before thinking about himself. He’s going to need a good desk since his butt is going to be studying even harder now at UF.


This time around we bought a white comforter for our bed and I indulged in a cat pillow. We were looking for a rug as well but decided to wait on it for now.


Lately my lazy butt hasn’t been wearing much makeup so I decided to try today. Even put on some eyeliner haha. I’m wearing Fresh Looks contacts in Misty Gray! I’ll be doing a review on them soon.




5 thoughts on “It’s An Ikea Kind Of Day

  1. Ahhh must be so exciting to shop for furniture!! So sweet he thinks of you before himself ❤ but bug him to get that desk teehee. Also, thought your outfit was super cute! You're so lucky – I love Ikea but the closest one to me is almost a whole hr away!!

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