My Current Morning Skincare Routine 

My skincare routine (whether it’s morning or night) changes from month to month, from number of products to the actual products themselves. I don’t think I’ve ever shared a post like this before so I’m excited to show you how I’m currently maintaining my skin in the mornings.



SARANGHAE nourishing & moisturizing cleanser

When I wake up in the mornings I don’t have any makeup on my face to clean off. But during sleep and because my skin leans towards the oily side (though I’m really more combo) I assume I must have some sort of sebum build up to wash away. This was a PR gift from the brand a long with their full product line that I reviewed in a past post. This was my favorite product out of the whole line! It really leaves your face feeling soft and even removes makeup well. Unfortunately when I recently looked on the site it appears they don’t sell it anymore, which really sucks!! They now have an oil+foam cleanser which looks nice but I’ll have to try it and see.




BY WISHTREND mandelic acid 5% skin prep water

This is my favorite product right now! Like you don’t even understand. First things first, I didn’t even know an exfoliating toner was a thing! But it is and it really saves me time. I usually use a physical exfoliater after my oil cleanser but this is way better. I have an in-depth review on my Instagram if you’re interested in reading about it. Now normally I don’t have a lot of acne unless it’s around ‘that time of the month’. So when I first tried this my acne was having a field day on my face, after just two days my face cleared up so well. I highly recommend. Normally I just use my hands to apply toners since most of mine are hydrating but I don’t recommend it with this product, definitely opt for a good cotton pad.



SECRET KEY nature recipe honey

I don’t use a mask every single day but at least 2-3 times a week. Especially on days where I feel I’ll need a little more hydration. I really adore this line in particular for the mornings because the hydration isn’t overbearing. It’s oily-combo friendly!



MAKEUP FOREVER ultra hd skin booster serum

I only use this serum when I’m not using a mask and when I’m going to apply makeup for the day. There’s different ways to apply it, such as mixing it into your foundation. My personal preference is to apply it before my moisturizer like I would a normal serum. It works great to plump your skin and gives me a natural looking glow.




BELIF the true cream + aqua bomb

Another oily-combo friendly product! You’ll see that a lot with the products I use. They have another version of this for people with dry skin too. It’s simple and effective! It cools and refreshes the skin, so it’s great for summer but also pretty much any season.



SARANGHAE focus renewal eye cream

All I use eye creams for is hydration so that my concealer can apply well. I don’t believe eye creams will reduce or remove fine lines or discoloration. There’s just some things that skincare alone can’t achieve. This has great hydration, though I prefer the Bobbi Brown eye cream. I’m saving that for my trip to Korea and trying to use up this product now instead. Eye creams tend to last awhile though and I’ve been using this for over a month with no negative effects.


Products that were given to me as a PR GIFT:

✨ SARANGHAE cleanser + eye cream

✨ BY WISHTREND skin prep water




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