Daily Life 데일리룩(makeup/fashion/food)




PGT ne20

BOBBI BROWN eye opening mascara (black)

WET N WILD mega cushion highlighter (who’s that pearl)

JOLI ET liquid liner (black)

BOBBI BROWN long wear cream shadow stick (golden pink)

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS brow powder duo (dark brown)


TOUCH IN SOL no poreblem primer

YSL all hours foundation (warm beige)

MAYBELLINE instant age rewind (light)

CLINIQUE runway coral

URBAN DECAY de slick makeup setting spray oil control

INNISFREE no sebum mineral pact

I’m currently going through all the makeup I own and trying out products I haven’t used in a really long time or the ones I haven’t even tried yet. PGT is a Japanese brand, to be honest I don’t know much about beauty products in Japan aside from Dolly Wink or Canmake. I really like these eyeshadows though! They have great pigmentation and are definitely build-able. As you can tell I used a light hand when applying mine today. I also opted for a Clinique lippy that I bought many years ago and surprisingly still works great. I apply the lipstick on my finger and then dab it on my lips to acquire the shade I want. I also used a light hand today but it can easily be very vibrant.



One of my favorite blouses this season! Purchased at Forever21 from their Contemporary line. It works so well in this Florida weather. Flowy, breatheable and a tad transparent but still has a very fall vibe. I like to pair it with a pretty bralette but you can also use a tank top if you’re not feeling so risque. Every time I wear it out I always get compliments, It’s a really unique and beautiful piece in my wardrobe.


The weather today was windy, hot and somewhat humid.. as usual. My curls didn’t stand a chance, so waves it is! I really enjoy this hair style, it looks very romantic to me.



Clear Soup

I haven’t actually seen this soup outside of my city, have you tried it before? This particular one was a lot more rich than I am accustomed to. I think it was probably due to the broth.


Bulgogi Rice Bowl

Bulgogi is a popular meat dish in South Korea. This was at a fusion restaurant so it wasn’t authentic by any means but it was very delicious and filling nonetheless.


Jean had a Pork Katsu Rice Bowl which looked extremely appetizing as well! Bento Cafe is an Asian fusion restaurant within the mall area (it’s an outside mall). It’s also connected to Mochi, a froyo place. They also sell Mochi there but it isn’t that good and the flavors are disappointingly limited.




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