THE FACE SHOP ● Real Nature Peony Face Mask


Picked up two masks from The Face Shop while I was browsing Marshalls this morning. Really love the packaging! Unfortunately the majority of sheet masks never fit well on me because my face is small. I have tried one that fit perfectly a few years ago but it was a gift and I don’t remember the brand 😿 Anyways! On we go to the review 💕


🌸THE FACE SHOP • real nature peony face mask

This line claims to use an oriental herb extracting process to extract ingredients. The herbs are ground, roasted, and decocted in a traditional way. The air pockets within the sheet contain a plentitude of nutritional essence, providing natural moisture and nourishment to skin. This is an illuminating mask! (반짝 반짝 ✨)

verdictI really loved it! It felt moisturizing enough for someone with oily/combo skin without being overbearing. It looked like I had just applied an illuminating primer! 🙌🏻




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