September Favorites (Beauty, Fashion, Music)

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LIVING PROOF restore shampoo + conditioner

Like I’ve stated in previous posts, my hair has been through a roller coaster this past year due to excessive bleaching trying to attain a light balayage. Only to realize I much prefer my dark brown hair. I’m kind of whimsical like that. I hold back no expense for hair care, It’s extremely important to me. Though this duo may burn a hole in my wallet, it’s absolutely worth it. Don’t try to deter me to cheaper alternatives, been there done that girl! Living Proof is a brand that has never really let me down and so I, time and time again, put my hair in their hands.



SARANGHAE cleanser

This is a brand I’m really excited to review for you soon! I’ve collaborated with them to show you some really hydrating Korean anti-aging products. For those of my readers who are already savvy with Korean skincare you know that they are made to layer and so there are many steps. I’m able to make time for that type of skin care regime but I also know for many women it’s not practical to follow elongated routines. The beauty of Saranghae is that it’s geared for the American woman (or man!) and so It’s only 5 steps as opposed to 10+. Like other products in the line this cleanser is hydrating and made my face feel baby soft after just the first use, I follow it with my favorite scrub and I honestly feel like my face has been through a rejuvenation!




HERA cc cream (21 natural beige)

I found myself reaching towards this base the most this month. It’s very creamy and you only need a small amount. Coverage is medium, but can be layered to full. Hera is a luxury brand in Korea, they have really great skin care. This was my first cosmetic from the brand though. It did not disappoint.



MAKEUP FOREVER full cover concealer (#6)

I naturally have pretty intense panda eyes. So whichever concealer I use has to be able to put in the work. I haven’t found a better concealer than this one, aside from MAC which is also great. You need a very minuscule amount because it is so opaque. The image is just with a thin layer, it can definitely be layered further for more coverage. I ran out of my tube a few months ago so I ran to Sephora for a sample. I’m trying not to make any beauty purchases since I’ll be in Korea soon, reserving beauty funds for the trip!



ETUDE HOUSE dear my enamel lips talk (BE102)

First of all I absolutely freaking love Etude House lippies! Even the mattes are pretty darn moisturizing. I always apply a lip balm before any lipstick though. This one was gifted to me by my sister-in-law earlier in the year. I really gravitated towards it this month because this particular shade is bright enough for the end of summer and deep enough for the beginning of autumn. Not too dark, not too light. A great transitional color!



OPI hello kitty collection/little blossoms (dreams of spring)

Literally my favorite nail polish of the entire year! Unfortunately it’s a mini, one of four that came in a seasonal pack. I’ve already used it all up this month and have no idea where to purchase a regular sized bottle or a similar shade from a different brand. It’s a very pretty rosy beige.


BURBERRY my burberry black

I have a lot of different fragrance samples to get through (not to mention my regular perfumes) but this is the one I’ve been leaning towards more lately. It’s a blend of Jasmine, candied rose, and amber.



I’ve always really been into feminine pieces. Victorian-esque designs have also been a favorite. This fall is no different! I really love frills, florals, and detailed neck lines. I’ve found great and affordable pieces from Forever21, Aliexpress, TJ Maxx, and even local consignment shops.


Bralettes! I can’t get enough of them! I don’t care that I’m busty, I can’t stand cups and push ups anymore. Bralettes are so pretty and comfortable.





This song gets me so hyped up at the gym, I literally feel reborn while lifting! haha I have it on constant replay, probably until I can’t stand it anymore. I was so mad BOI B didn’t go further on SMTM6.


JAY PARK yacht

I know, another Jay Park song. I’m pretty biased obviously haha. This song was like the summer anthem and I can’t stop listening to it! The visuals and dances are so good too. My favorite part are the lyrics though “Hit me up baby, on the Kakao baby” KILLED ME AAAAH the basic bitch in me came out haha


SUNMI gashina

Believe it or not I’m not a huge fan of KPOP (korean pop). I mainly listen to a lot of underground (& sometimes not so underground) korean rap/hiphop and also indie every now and then. I used to freaking L O V E kpop but a lot of my favorite groups have disbanded. And to be honest most groups sound and look the same, they also go through the same musical (and visual) transitions. I don’t want to keep up, It’s boring. But I was really surprised with Sunmi’s release! & I learned a new word haha My husband Is from Busan and so speaks Satoori but I usually just stick to the city lingo, so I did not know what gashina meant at first.


HENRY i’m good

There are some songs that have lyrics that speak to me!! and I end up annoying my husband with the words because they are easily added into real life situations. This is one of those songs. So upbeat and trendy!




Originally his style is not what I normally listen to in rap but you cannot deny his skills. The more I listen the more I’ve grown to really like it! It wasn’t love at first sound but now I stay steady listening and hoping he continues to put out more tracks. Aside from the obvious talent I like that he isn’t cocky, humbleness has it’s own appeal. It’s fresh.


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