Forever 21 & K-Beauty

It’s no news that Forever 21 has been a staple store for trends at affordable prices for as long as I can remember. With the rise in recent years of Korean beauty and skincare to the US mainstream it’s also no surprise that many stores have started to include these items in their inventories. The fact that It wasn’t done sooner seeing as the CEO and founder of F21 is a Korean-born businessman is mind-blowing! But hey, It’s here and the stock is only getting better every time I go and take a peek. These days you can find an assortment of Korean skincare! anywhere from face masks, hands/feet masks, cleansers, hand creams, hair masks, etc etc. The nice thing is that they actually carry REAL Korean brands, not Korean-marketed products that aren’t actually Korean (Here’s looking at you Marshalls/TJMaxx).

This last visit my nose was in dire need of some TLC so I picked up a 3 step black head clearing nose pack. Normally I’m stocked up on Biore (which really is the best I’ve tried, right next to Holika Holika’s pig nose packs) but I had run out so I decided out of convenience and well adorable packaging I would give this one a try!


BOTANIC FARM 3-step nose pack egg clear blackhead

The formula is based with membrane, egg white and yolk extracts. Works great for all skin types, even sensitive.

The neat thing about Korean nose packs compared to US nose packs is that many brands offer 3-step packs. Unlike the US, Korea doesn’t shy away from skin care systems with multiple steps and products!


This is my nose after a few months of not being taken care of, shame on me! Even using cleansers you still need a product that’s going to go in and do the hard/dirty work. I normally use pore strips once a week. I live in a tropical climate which makes it very easy for pores to become clogged. Luckily I’m not really prone to acne but the look and feel of blackheads is more than enough. I actually use strips on my chin as well, but let’s focus on the nose for today.



STEP 1 relax and open pores (15~20 minutes)

This is a Multi-layer natural cotton with a natural cleanser in it. It helps gently melt down deep blackheads.



STEP 2 clean up blackheads (10~15 minutes)

This is the step that we all know and love! This step will remove residue and grease lurking in those pores.



STEP 3 contract and close pores (5~10 minutes)

This is made with an elastic biological fiber. Jelly-like. It helps to contract the pores and feels very soothing to the skin.



I feel like it removed a good amount of blackheads, grease, and dirt. It had my nose feeling very soft and clean. But I still think Biore does a way better job. I might re-purchase if I’m out of Biore and I just happen to be at F21 again haha.

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