Asian Fusion + Cappuccino Art


Aย hawker centreย is an open-air complex housing many stalls that sell a variety of inexpensive food. Of course in this case we’re talking about a trendy restaurant in Five Points which is an area of Jacksonville, Florida known to house the cities Hipster community. Which means it’s not so inexpensive but definitely very delicious. This joint is always busy! & as soon as you walk in it’s bustling with noise, makes it feel like you’re really at a hawker. There’s also a location that opened up in Jacksonville Beach.

When you’re hangry and you’re waiting on your food to come so you look at everyone else’s dishes.

pork belly.jpg





Since we were in the area I definitely wanted to stop by BREW, mainly because they actually do latte/cappuccino art. Of course not the kind you’ll find in Asia, but at least it’s something. Jacksonville isn’t the trendiest city by any standards so it took awhile to find a place that did.



Jean and I have been big fans of cold brew this year. If you’ve had the one at Starbucks you know it’s the most bitter thing you’ve probably ever had (& we like bitter). But this cold brew was surprisingly almost sweet? but nothing was added. Must have been the blend! It was a great change for our taste buds.

They also have a yummy looking menu and bakery but we were so stuffed from hawkers! It was nice to sit and people watch, the weather wasn’t too hot. Thanks for reading!

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