The Dry Bar Salon


Dry Bar Salon ( Jacksonville, Florida)

I don’t know about you but I love me a good blow out! When done well and at a good salon it can be a very relaxing and fun experience. So I really love the idea of “blow out” salons. These salons ONLY do blow outs and styling’s, no hair cuts or chemical-ly smells.


You probably have heard of the brand DRY BAR and if you haven’t well then girl you need to get on it! Though not my all time favorite hair brand (that is for Living Proof) it has quality products that smell just as wonderful as they perform. They have a quite a few of their brand salons all over the country but just recently opened up one in my city!


When I first entered I was greeted warmly by the receptionist and quickly checked in. They offer you an array of drinks, since I went in early in the morning I opted for coffee (black, I like the bitter taste). It was only a few minutes before I met my hair dresser & she took me in the back for a wash and scalp massage.

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The entire salon is extremely aesthetic, there’s many mirrors (with great lighting, though not as great as Nordstrom because I swear that is the lighting of the gods!!!) and even the bathroom is gorgeous. They also usually are playing some type of chick flick (with subtitles, no sound). & this is where the story takes a turn for the worse…


Now after you’ve been washed and blow dried you are given a look book to pick a style from. They all have cute names like Cosmopolitan, Straight up, Manhattan, & etc. I chose to go with the Mai Tai which consists of a very messy and beachy look. I’m in Florida so why not haha.

Well what I ended up receiving should have been called a Shirley Temple.. I was waiting for my sheep to show up.. and where’s my bonnet again? I didn’t make a fuss (which I would usually have done) It was too early and I was not in the mood. I tipped and got my merry butt out of there.

I definitely don’t blame the entire salon, could have just been that particular stylist. The young woman next to me picked the same style and hers came out beautiful!

o (1)

As far as pricing it’s a flat $40 for wash, blow dry, & style which I believe is a great value! and lucky for me I had a Groupon so it was only $30 + 10$ tip that I left. They also offer updo’s and such for an extra fee. There’s also an extra free to style extensions. Another thing that is great are the hours, they open really early and close really late!! It makes it really accessible. Best way to make an appointment is online or through the app, you can’t actually call the salon because there are no phones! When you call it goes straight to a call center (which is not in the US).

Overall it was a very enjoyable experience that I do not regret and I’ll probably go back again one day (maybe for a straight blow out instead) & with a different stylist tumblr_inline_mo7ffxckfx1qz4rgp


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