Marshalls || $2.99


I don’t know about you but I absolutely love sifting through stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Burlington, etc. You can find so many treasures at discounted prices. Heck I recently saw an Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette (They were all in dark & medium though) on the low low haha.


I’ve seen an influx of Korean (&asian in general) beauty products being put in these types of store as well. I’ve even seen brands like Tatcha, Holika Holika, Boscia, etc. Not to mention all the cute masks (even the ones that look like animals and characters!)


The mask I’ll be talking about today is a little different in composition than what we normally expect a mask to look and feel like. This is a type of mask that you mix yourself! Definitely for when you have a little more time on your hands, like a relaxing Sunday.


It can be a little bit messy as you can see. tumblr_inline_mo7ffxckfx1qz4rgp




The mixing process is made a little bit more convenient with the spatula. It really reminds me of when I was in Dental Assisting school trying to mix Alginate.. I hate that stuff haha.


When you’re done mixing it should look like..wet cement? shiny wet cement!


The spatula also helps when applying the mask onto your face! TIP: After mixing try to apply it quickly because the working time for this is not that long. tumblr_inline_mo7ffg91jx1qz4rgp


For the best results it says to leave it on for about 15 -20 minutes. So it’s a pretty great time to catch up on your favorite Korean drama or maybe do your nails.


The packaging says to remove the mask with water or toner but I found that peeling away the larger areas was much easier. Then I went in with water to remove the smaller sections.


You’ll feel the mask tighten up on your skin and the edges change to a lighter shade of grey in the process.


So, was it any good? Did it work? Would I buy it again? tumblr_m4jaw8kb311qid2nw


  • very cute and unique packaging
  • made my face feel clean and smooth
  • practically odorless
  • painless, no tugging or pulling on the baby hairs of your face


  • time consuming
  • made my face quite red for awhile after i removed it
  • it’s pretty wasteful because you aren’t able to save any remaining product and you definitely won’t be able to use it all in one go.
  • i don’t believe it’s actually korean. it wasn’t made or distributed in korea like it seems to claim on the packaging.


Although I’m very happy I got to try it I don’t think I’ll purchase again. Mainly because it made my face pretty red afterwards and I don’t really have sensitive skin, so that was odd. I will definitely try other brands with this type of mask though!

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  1. I think it may have made your face red from peeling it! Any kind of mask the dries on your face may cause redness too because it kind of tightens and may drain some moisture out so that could be another reason why, I don’t think it’s sensitivity. 🙂 Thanks for the honest review, I’m trying mine tonight!

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    1. Sorry for the insanely late reply haha but I actually use many masks, including peel off ones and yes it’s normal to leave you a little red for a few minutes. This one made me red for like an hour or so, which is not normal from what I’ve previously experienced. Could have just been a bad batch. Let me know how you liked yours! ^^

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